7 Apps for Healthy Eating

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April 8, 2014

From snapping pics of your meal to finding local farmers markets, there are a wide array of apps that help you buy healthier food and eat it too!  It has never been easier to use your phone to navigate your way to better health.  That really does a body good.

App: Food Tripping

Cost: Free iOS, Android

This app is perfect for traveling even when you are close to home and exploring a new neighborhood.  Food Tripping can help you locate healthy eateries, juice bars, vegan options and farmers markets to help you stay on the path to eating right.

App: Eat Slower

Cost: Free iOS, Android

We rush around a lot.  When it comes to sitting down and enjoying our food it can be hard.  The Eat Slower app sets a timer for while you eat.  You determine the time interval and it can be as short as twenty seconds and up to three minutes.  The point is to not take another bite until the timer goes off.  It helps control over-eating which can cause bloating and keep cravings burning.  Eat Slower makes you mindful of how you nosh and keeps multitasking while you eat at bay.

App: True Food

Cost: Free iOS, Android

Did you know that more than 70% of the packaged food lining our store shelves has genetically modified ingredients (GMIs) in them?  We may not know the full effects of these ingredients but this app assists you in your quest to stay away from GMIs. The app categorizes foods as green (no GMIs) or red (GMIs included).  You can even send an email to the company telling them to not use GMIs if you so desire.  Another helpful addition is the store locator that tracks stores near you that refuse to carry any GMO filled foods.

App:  Is That Gluten Free?

Cost: iOS $7.99

This app is more expensive than most but for Celiac disease or people with gluten allergies this app is a goldmine and worth every dime.  This app is searchable by name or category and is loaded with over 15,000 foods to determine if it contains any gluten.  Users can add items and the app company will verify and update the information.

App:  Fooducate  

Cost:  iOS free, Android $4.99

That apple gets an A!  That Twinkie, you don’t even want to know.  Fooducate gives you the know the calories in your food by giving your food a letter grade (A, B, C, D).  It tracks daily calorie intake in food and drinks and keeps in mind what you burn through exercise.

App: Cal Cutter

Cost: iOS & Android Free

This is one easy app that makes life a whole lot simpler.  Cal Cutter lets you in on the calories in your home cooking and gives tips on how to cut those calories, use healthier cooking options, ingredient substitutions and figure out portion sizes.

App:  Meal Snap

Cost: iOS $2.99

Snap a picture of that burrito Meal Snap gives you the deets on the meals calories, tracks food and lets you make up a daily food diary.  It estimates calories and you don’t have to spend time entering every single food you ate all day.  This app is great for those of us who like to obsessively Instagram our food each day.

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