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6 Ways to Make Your Boots Last Longer This Winter

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January 29, 2018

If you live in Vermont, winter boots are a winter essential! Lately, I’ve been working on making my boots last longer. I invested in a few pairs that I love, and I want to keep them looking good as long as possible. Winter weather can really do a number on your boots so it’s important that you take time to care for them properly.

Treat Boots First

A good quality pair of boots should last you more than one season. Depending on what your boots are made of, you may need to waterproof them to keep your feet dry. Leather should be treated with saddle soap and a leather conditioner. Be sure to focus on the seams to prevent leaking.

Rotate Your Favorite Pairs

It’s not a good idea to wear the same pair of shoes or boots every day. They need time to dry out after wearing to prevent odor and bacteria growth. Make sure you have at least two pairs of boots so you can alternate them.

Repair Salt and Snow Damage

Snow, ice, and salt will all damage boots. The key is to deal with the damage as soon as possible. Immediately remove residue from your boots using a salt remover. Then let your boots dry completely before wearing them again.

Watch Your Heels

Pay attention to how your heels wear throughout the season. Uneven wear can cause damage to the boot itself. It will cost much less to repair a heel than to replace it because you waited too long.

Use a Boot Tree

Calf-high and knee-high boots need support when you’re not wearing them, or they could begin to crease and lose shape. When you aren’t wearing your boots, use a boot tree to provide support.

Treat Scuffs

If you notice that your boots are scuffed or faded, it’s important that you treat them before the damage becomes worse. Treat small scuffs and discolorations with leather cream and a small bristle brush. If your boots have more severe damage, take them to a leather or shoe repair shop for repairs.

How do you help your boots last longer?

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