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6 Ways to Get Your Cardio When You Hate to Run

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October 28, 2020

When you think of cardio exercise most people think of running. But what if you hate running? First off, you are not alone! Running takes a toll on our bodies as the years progress, and sometimes it is not an option even for those of us who do like to run.

Cardio doesn’t have to be running. It doesn’t have to involve hitting the pavement at all! Check out this list of ways to keep your heart rate pumping, your blood flowing, and keep you energized all year long.

Let’s Move!

  • Online & In Demand: One of the best ways to get your non-running cardio in is to do it at home. You can find a variety of workouts online for free on YouTube or websites like PopSugar or OnDemand programs like Beachbody. All of them offer both high and low-impact ways to boost your metabolism while getting that heart rate up and healthy. 
  • Circuit Training: An excellent way to incorporate strengthening moves with aerobic bits in between. You can find this type of exercise at the gym or online in the above-mentioned websites and many more like the Daily Burn.
  • Indoor Cycling: The days of the lonely stationary bike are long gone with the rise in popularity of the Peloton bike and spin classes at your local gym. It is great for working your cardiovascular health as well as your lower body. Those with a competitive streak also thrive with indoor cycling!
  • VersaClimber: Move over StairMaster your days are over! As you climb on the VersaClimber you get both an upper and lower body workout all at the same time. This builds endurance, coordination, and strength. It works because you are going against gravity with every move. Your core and back get stronger and you gain better posture too. Sounds like a win to me!
  • Indoor Rowing: Rowing works your entire body with each stroke. It is also low impact and easier on your joints. Form is important with any exercise and rowing is no different. You need to sit up straight, suck in those abs, and create powerful moves, not fast ones. This is what works all the muscles and gives you the best full body workout
  • Plyometrics: Explosive moves is what Plyometrics is all about. Think Crossfit, which is just another name for metabolic conditioning through explosive movement. You’ll find yourself doing moves where you are fast on your feet (or as fast as you can be), hopping, jumping, squats, box jumps, and burpees. The goal is to contract the maximum number of muscle fibers in the shortest period. Bring a lot of energy to this type of exercise because that is the only way to see results. Tired folks need not apply. 

What’s your favorite way to get a dose of cardio into your day?

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