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6 Videos That Take a Stand On Beauty

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March 10, 2015

Commercials … Ads … Toys … Social Media … our kids get it from everywhere, standards of what our society decides is beautiful. Our girls start to compete earlier and earlier in order to conform. Some people have turned these ideals on their heads. Here are a few videos that will make you smile and think.

One of the first experiences a girl has with what is beauty, is their dolls. Many dolls, the Bratz dolls in particular, have makeup layered on until they look more like disco queens. A woman in Australia remakes thrift store dolls into lovely natural-looking play toys. Her company, Tree Change Dolls, went viral a while back when she put her dolls online. This video records the experience.

The Dove company makes all sort of videos that will make you feel sentimental. This one encourages older women in the family to wear their natural curls in order to help the younger girls love their hair. The smiles at the end will get you right in the heart.

This “commercial” mocks the makeup industry that insists their product will make you beautiful in a snap.

A Dutch artistic film maker took a different approach in commenting on makeup by layering an entire year’s worth of makeup onto a Belgian super model.

This video needs no introduction. The song won a lot of awards due to its originality and fresh message.

We often forget that what is considered attractive now would probably have been snubbed in other times. This fun demonstration shows what body shape society preferred for the last hundred years.

We can be thankful that not everyone blindly follows cultural norms. It’s our differences that make us special because after all, beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

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