6 Sunday Funday Start Up Tips

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November 10, 2015

Sunday is a day of rest but for many of us the whirlwind keeps going. What if we restructured the day so that it ends up creating a more relaxing week? It only takes one day to propel you through your week for a healthier you today and for many days to come. The steps are easy to follow and will not only help your body but be good to your mind and soul.  Follow me, your best week starts now.

Master Plan

Starting your week off right requires some initial planning. You must work a bit on Sunday to make the rest of the week easier on your weekly routine.  Don’t fret. It’s easy once you get started.

  1. Meal planning is your best way to create a healthy change in your diet, waistline and budget. When you plan out at least one meal a day you don’t spend more money or cave in to your cravings in the grocery store (hello, rumbling stomach!). Make a list of the ingredients you need for all your dinners and a lunch or two. Leftovers can often supplement your other lunches.
  2. Head to the store with your list. Stop at the farmers market for fresh produce, if possible and then finish off your shopping list at the grocery store. This step also eliminates that mid-week, dinner time crunch of what to have and buying missing ingredients.
  3. Prep your meals. Chop vegetables for snacking and future meals on Sunday. Cook up a grain like quinoa or brown rice to toss into wraps, salads and serve as a side throughout the week. It saves more time than you think.
  4. Work in the workout. On Sunday look at your week-long schedule and find times you can build in your fitness routine. Whether it is a run on Monday morning and water aerobics on Wednesday, you can squeeze it. Seeing it on your calendar as part of your day makes you more likely to go.
  5. Don’t forget to schedule in some down time. We like to go, go, and go a lot these days. It’s easy to get wrapped up in everyone’s schedule whether it is work, the kids or seeing friends and running just one more errand. Drop in a block of ‘me’ time like family game night, catching up on reading or whatever it is that is restful to you. It will make step six easier too.
  6. Hit the sheets. You may love the nightlife but your body and brain need to rest. Mark your calendar with some nights of quiet and early bed times. You will feel and look better for it. P.S. Your body will produce less cortisol making you less susceptible to stress, cravings and a case of the crankies.

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