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6 Jewelry Trends for Summer       

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June 19, 2017

Nothing elevates a look more than jewelry. Make an ordinary jeans and t-shirt moment iconic with a set of diamond stud earrings.  A simple pendant or statement bracelet creates more than just sparkle as part of your OOTD; it brings depth and style that takes your look from drab to fab. Find out the latest summer jewelry trends now.

It turns out that there is only one rule to remember this season and that is that more is more. Think layers, whether it is with rings, bracelets, or necklaces. Don’t be afraid to stack them, or to wear delicate necklaces that start at the collarbone and overlap from there.

Layer necklaces with your sundresses, t-shirt and shorts, and the rompers that are in style this sunny summer. While statement necklaces are still a thing, try layering delicate chains and pendants of various lengths with your outfits. This trend works for both day and night.

Stack your rings! Bold rings are back with different gem styles, from polished to rough cut and minerals, too (see more below) but bedecked bands, rings with words—and anything in between—will be flashing all season long on as many digits as you please. Remember: more is more this year.

Gold hoop earrings went away for a while but they are back big time now. In all sizes, these circular shapes look great on everyone. Pick up a set of different diameters and wear them with everything as they make a great staple and always come back in style. Don’t forget to try a thick and thin set, too.

Pendants are always pretty and this summer they are big. A statement pendant will add style to your simple sundress, sheath, jumpsuit, or tee.  Sparkling or tribal, glam or punk, the genre does not matter as long as it’s big and bold.

Minerals are having a moment. From glittering jewels in drop-style earrings, to agate pendants and quartz on rings, there are different types of minerals popping up all over. Minerals add a natural touch to a look when they are rough cut or unpolished. When in full bling, they always kick things up a notch. Create a statement with chunky mineral styles, or wear small stones embedded in a layered necklace. Minerals on stacked rings or bracelets offer depth to a look, too.

Arm cuffs are in again for summer. Dramatic in a single metal or studded and embedded with stones and gems or even beads, they add flair to your outfit. Wear one as a signature piece all season long.

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