6 Food Gifts That Aren’t Fruitcake

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December 16, 2019

There are many different reasons to give food gifts instead of traditional presents at Christmastime. Some people love to give handmade gifts and edible ones are one of the easiest types to prepare. Others are hoping to keep their holiday budgets in check by creating a few of their own presents. And, still, others are stepping back from the commercialism that Christmas brings.

As far as food gifts go, fruitcakes are one of the oldest traditional gifts at Christmas. But, not everyone appreciates receiving a fruitcake for Christmas! Here are a few other options you might want to consider.

Fudge is one of my husband’s favorite holiday treats. There are many different flavors you can make—from the traditional dark chocolate to something less traditional like matcha chai. Whip up four or five different batches of fudge and then divide them up in gift boxes for everyone on your holiday list. Or, you can make one type and double or triple the batch. Here is a gorgeous holiday fudge that you might want to consider baking.

If you’re looking for something that will stay fresh longer than a plate of fudge, you might want to think about making gifts in a jar. These layered mixes look pretty when gifted in a Mason jar. There are recipes for everything from brownies and cookies to chili and soup gifts in a jar.

Another traditional food gift that you can give is a plate of Christmas cookies. Make a variety of different family-favorite types of cookies, or you can make one large batch of gingerbread men. For a fun idea, why not give bake plain gingerbread men and put together a tin along with a few tubes of decorating frosting and candies and let your gift recipient decorate their own cookies.

If you’re wanting to give a decadent Christmas gift, why not gift a box of homemade candy? These chai spice white chocolate truffles are absolutely gorgeous. Who doesn’t enjoy receiving a box of homemade chocolates? I know I do!

If you want to gift something from your local area to support your local small businesses, you can still give food gifts. Just think about what types of foods your area is well known for. In Vermont, I often gift maple sugar candy to friends and relatives that are out of state. If you’re in Georgia, consider pecans. Or, barbecue sauce from Texas.

If you’re hoping to find something easy to gift people but still prefer giving food gifts, you can always send a gift basket of fruit or baking mixes to the people on your list.

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