5 Ways to Use Rainy Days to Reconnect

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May 18, 2015

Too often, people view a rainy day as negative but there’s no reason why you can’t make it spectacular. Use the weather as an excuse to slow down and do things you are normally too busy to enjoy. Here are just a few suggestions for turning a dreary day into something truly special:

Have a Film Festival

Is there a trilogy you’ve been wanting to share with the kids but never had time? Have you caught up on all of the Oscar-winning and nominated films? Has your conscious been nagging you to watch some potentially-life-changing documentaries? Whatever theme you choose, you can create your own film festival at home complete with healthy snacks and commentary/discussions following the screenings.

Shake and Bake

Some people are natural bakers but most of us require a little more time to make things come out right. Use the overcast skies as an excuse to try some of the recipes you’ve pushed aside. Find a great bread recipe that will complement dinner. Bake some delicious comfort foods as snacks to munch on while you do the other things on this list. Make something savory like a roast or casserole. You may just find that there’s something wonderful (and delicious!) about using your oven on a rainy day.

Pamper Yourself

Are there any people in your life who really would enjoy a spa day? Why not gather all of your great pampering supplies together and spend the day applying facials, massaging each other’s hands and doing your very best manicure/pedicure? Light some candles, diffuse essential oils and have relaxing music playing in the background. You will feel the stress melting away!

Get Artsy

There are so many ways to let your inner artist shine on a rainy day. Find easy craft activities for your kids. Dig out your easel and create your next masterpiece. Redecorate a room in your home. Work on unfinished poetry or music. Get creative with a new sewing project. When you’re done, find a way to showcase and celebrate everyone’s work from the day!

Declutter Your Space

Clutter can rob you of precious space in your home and can also add to your stress. On a rainy day, consider taking time to go through your possessions in order to reevaluate whether some items can be donated or discarded. You will be amazed by how many things you actually own! If you come across items that are sentimental but no longer needed, take a picture of them so that you can always have a visual reminder.

Rainy days may seem like a negative thing but, with a little creativity and a good attitude, you can turn them into a positive!

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