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5 Ways To Keep Yourself Busy at Home This Winter

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February 4, 2021

Well, here we are. Another winter in full swing and a pandemic means most of us are home a lot more. Rather than do the same old thing or sit around complaining about the lack of places to go, why not find some new things to keep yourself (and your family) busy this winter? As we roll into spring, you can continue all of them too.

Try some DIY with food growing kits

I recently stumbled across a company offering grow kits and seedlings and found it fascinating. You can order kits and learn how to grow mushrooms, hydroponic herbs, microgreens, and more … all in your house! Of course, as we inch toward spring, you can start seed pots indoors too.

Herbs are easy and fun to grow and may even inspire you to cook more. This is also a fantastic idea for teaching children how things grow, where food comes from, and how to take care of things.

Lavender DIY planters can inspire crafting and will make your home smell lovely. You’ll stay engaged as you set them up and care for them. Plus, growing our own food sounds like something we should all learn to do!

Learn to play an instrument

How many times have you thought ” I wish I could play …” Well now’s your chance! Music stores rent almost any instrument or you can invest in the instrument if you choose. Be it guitar or piano or tuba, you can even find hundreds of free music lessons on YouTube or hire a virtual instructor.

Music fosters creativity, relaxation, and inspiration. You may even find you have a hidden talent.

This is another activity that’s great for kids. Hands-on learning is fun for them and can inspire their creativity too.

Take online courses

This is huge nowadays! Know why? We can take courses in just about anything and everything you have ever heard of! Whether it’s free or costs money, whether you want to get a certification or a degree, there is something for everyone! Learn computer programming or take a fitness classes, take a cooking classes or learn to paint, you can learn a new skill, sharpen an old one, or rekindle (or find) a new passion.

Expand your brain! Courses on ancient history, gardening, learning a new language, money management, or the history of jazz music can keep you immersed for hours at a time. Why not take the extra time home to expand your horizons and explore with a student mind?

Invest in monthly subscription kit

Here’s another activity that has dozens of options! Order 1, 2, or 3 a month for activities to keep you busy. I’ve seen cooking and baking boxes, woodworking , knitting , art boxes, paper crafting, sketching, and more.

Boxes for kids include many of the same types of items. You can keep your minds active, explore new hobbies, and have family bonding time (or alone time, however you want to work it!)

Earn some money selling unwanted items online

So many of us are cleaning out. You can start a little business or simply make a few bucks by listing your unwanted items online. From Craigslist to OfferUp to eBay to Facebook groups … there are so many places to sell. You can opt to ship items or sell to local people.

If you are not interested in making money, your “trash” maybe someone’s treasure as you offer it as a free item. It feels great to clean out and even better to know the product will be used and enjoyed by someone else.

How else can you keep busy this winter and spring? These ideas alone can make long days feel more exciting, inspiring, and less boring for sure!

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