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5 Ways to Color Easter Eggs Without Dye

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March 13, 2019

If your best tablecloth still has stains from the last time the kids colored Easter eggs, I have a few ideas you’ll want to consider this year instead. Try as I might, I can never manage to dye Easter eggs without getting dye all over the tablecloth, my shirt, and the table.

This year, instead of dealing with dye and the resulting mess, try one of these methods for decorating without the stains.

There are a lot of different ways to add color and pizzazz to your Easter eggs without using dye. If you want something that young children can manage on their own, let them apply stickers to the Easter eggs. All you need to do is pick up a few packages of Easter themed stickers at the store and let them apply them where they want.

Older children may want to try something a little bit more creative than simply adding stickers to their Easter eggs. If that’s the case, purchase a few rolls of Easter themed  Washi tape and let them stick that on in strips to create their own unique design. You can start with Easter-themed Washi tape, pastels, or any other type of design you think they’d like. The possibilities are endless.

If your child would like to try creating their own designs on their Easter eggs, you can have them color the eggs with markers or crayons. Markers will leave a darker, brighter design than crayons will so keep that in mind when making your decision.

You may want to let your child decorate their Easter eggs with leftover scraps of fabric, ribbon, buttons, rhinestones, and feathers. Just give them a shoebox full of excess craft materials, a bottle of white glue, and let them begin to create. This is the perfect frugal choice for someone with a large craft stash who doesn’t want to go out and buy new supplies.

If your child or you want to create something a little bit different, why not decoupage Easter eggs instead? All you need is tissue paper in a variety of different colors and a bottle of ModPodge. You won’t be able to eat the eggs when you’re done with them so you may want to start with plastic eggs.

Of course, whenever you do a craft project with the kids, it’s best to put on old clothes or at least a painting apron of your outfit so you don’t damage your clothes. And, hopefully, a few of these ideas will save your next tablecloth from dye!

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