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5 Ways to Squeeze in Exercise in Unexpected Places

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August 27, 2011

I know lots of moms who always want to exercise, but, can’t always make the commitment to get to the gym.  There are so many ways to accomplish this one goal, that I’d like to share some ideas with you.  I’ve previously written about getting your kids outside for 15 minutes of activity before you go home and now I’d like to give some solid “nuts and bolts” for YOU, the parent, to do while you’re kids are playing. Check out these 5 ways to squeeze in exercise in unexpected places.

If You’re at the Park

The Monkey Bars
Work on your pull-ups on any solid bar at the park, you could use the monkey bars, the pull-up bar, if there is one or you could even use a low hanging ladder rung.  If you can’t do a pull-up, then do negatives.  Get your chin above the bar and lower yourself really slowly to the count of 5.  If there is a low hanging bar, then, get your self in a plank position and work on your pull-ups that way.

The Park Bench
When I hang at the park with my kids, I used to love to sit on the lovely shaped park bench and watch my kids play.  But, there’s some exercise you can do right there at the park bench.  Simply, slide your bottom of the bench and perform dips either with your legs straight or bent.  Do a set of 15, rest and repeat!   You could also get some push-ups in, either incline or decline (feet on bench).

The Grassy Field
Set up a challenge for you and your child to race to a particular tree that is maybe 20 seconds away.  This can be really fun with young elementary age children as they love to race and they love to win, so, let them go first.  Also, on the field, you can do all sorts of fun exercises like log rolls, forward rolls, and practice your cartwheels and handstands with them.  They will think you’re cool for even trying these activities.

While Cooking Dinner

How about some squats?  While your meat is cooking, you can crank out 50 air squats, flip your steak, and do 50 more.

The Grocery Store

Carry two twenty-five pound boxes of kitty litter to your car.  By the time you walk through the store and to your car, it’s going to be at least 100 meters and that’s serious work right there.

These are just a few ways to squeeze in exercise while you’re out and about, but, there are hundreds of ways to do just a little bit throughout your busy day. Make it fun, get the kids involved, and get stronger.

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