Best Ways to Boost Self Confidence in the New Year

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January 12, 2012

January can be a tough month for a lot of people.  You may have overspent or over ate or over drank or just plain overdid it during the holiday season.  Knowing you overdid it may lead to unhealthy thoughts about yourself.  Now, it’s January and you’d like to clean up your act, right?  There is no reason to look back and moan and groan about what you should have or could have done.  What better time than the present to refocus and plan for an exceptional year?

The following is a list of tips on how to recapture that old YOU- the happy and healthy one.  Remember that feeling when you achieved something you’d been working towards for a long time?  That feeling of accomplishment.  Those feelings can be found again simply by turning your focus on to the YOU.

The best tip I can offer anyone is to learn how to lift weights and set strength goals for yourself.  I know my strengths in all my lifts from the Shoulder Press to the Deadlift and I have a number in my head of what I’d like to be lifting in 2012.  So, with that in mind, even when I get little jumps in strength, it is a feel good moment for me which can seriously boost my self-confidence.   In fact, knowing that I can lift more than my husband’s weight is a huge “Gee, I feel good about myself, feeling”.  Following some heavy lifting, I love to do high intensity work on either a bike or a rower.  There’s nothing like that endorphin high I get from exerting myself.

Other tips include:

Adopt a dog and take a walk outside every day, if the weather allows.  What a great way to enjoy the benefits of the sun, along with getting some light exercise and giving your dog what he or she always wants to do!

Always keep your eyes on the prize. YOU- feeling good.  Never compare your progress with anyone else’s.  This leads you down the wrong road.  Focus on what you can do and just try to keep a healthy balance between exercise and life.

Make dinner for a friend or neighbor and deliver it.  This is one of the best gifts I’ve ever been given as well as received.

Establish a night time routine and stick to it.  Losing even one hour of sleep can effect your overall performance and feelings of confidence.  There are so many benefits for sleeping well and getting enough sleep.

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