5 Tips to Make Theme Park Travel Easier

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June 19, 2013

It’s summer time, and many of you are planning trips to a theme park. It can be overwhelming, for sure, but tons of fun and a great place to build memories that will last a lifetime. Every parent ends up coming up with their own strategies but here are five suggestions for making your next theme park adventure a little easier for you and your family.

Go During the Slow Times

It may seem impossible to do, especially during the summer months, but try to go during slow times – especially weekdays. If you do end up visiting a park on the weekend, try getting there first thing in the morning before everyone else starts arriving.  You’ll get on some rides and have photo ops before the crowds get crazy.

Research the Rides

This might seem silly but it is totally worth it.  Go onto the theme park’s official website and read the descriptions and height requirements for the rides. Nothing is worse than waiting in line for half an hour only to have to turn to your child and say they can’t get on.  If anyone is concerned about how intense a ride is, search for reviews or a video on Youtube.

Beat the Heat

Avoid being out in the sun between 10am and 2pm.  Getting to the park early means you will have plenty of fun before taking a break.  Find indoor shows, enjoy a leisurely lunch or check out shopping areas during the hottest times and definitely make sure everyone is drinking enough to avoid dehydration.  Hats are a great source of protection and kids often enjoy those battery operated fans (especially the ones that can be filled with water!).

Food and Drinks

Let’s face it – food at amusement parks is not only expensive, it’s can also be unhealthy.  Of course, it’s fine to splurge once in a while but it also is a good idea to pack healthy drinks and snacks to keep thirst and hunger at bay while you’re enjoying the park.

Motion Sickness and Other Illnesses

Being jostled around on a rough ride can cause some problems and an upset tummy can ruin a day very quickly.  For that reason, it’s not only a good idea to avoid heavy, greasy foods but it’s also advantageous to carry something for motion sickness.  It’s also smart to pack your own pain relievers and adhesive bandages in case someone has a headache or a booboo needs covering.

What are your tips to share?

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