5 Tips For Eating Healthy on Vacation

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July 23, 2016

Vacations mean fun, downtime and a lot of junk food right? Well, maybe for some, but most people try hard to stick to a relatively healthy diet and don’t want to blow it when they are on vacation. It is possible! You can still try delicious foods and eat out, just choose moderation and make good choices.

Here are 5 tips to remember for eating right on vacation:

1. Moderation is Key

If you want to have that extra calorie dessert, split it with the family so you can savor a few bites and not feel left out. Have a hamburger if you crave it, but add a salad not fries. Dinner buffet? Stick to one or two plates, not three. After dinner ice cream cone with the kids? Get the small and enjoy it as much as you would the large.

2. Pack Your Own

It’s tempting to buy a frozen dessert every time the temperature rises, or dig into salty chips and popcorn at theme parks. Instead, pack your own healthier chips, carrot sticks, sliced apples, grapes and bananas.Or maybe granola bars and dried fruit. Not only is it healthier, it’s often much cheaper.

3. Splurge Once a Day

Maybe it’s that breakfast buffet that you crave or the taco bar at dinnertime? Choose one meal a day to give yourself freedom, and then choose healthy, smaller portions at the other meals.

4. Watch the Drinks

Lemonade, iced tea, and soda have a ton of sugar. Choose water for at least most of your drinks and then splurge once each day if you must. Alcoholic drinks can also pack huge calories so stick with one a night if you do drink. Going overboard on alcohol can also make you overindulge in foods since there’s a little less self-control with the chip bowls and appetizer platters.

5. Remember What You’re Doing

If your trip involves hiking or some sort of activity, you can use the extra calories. Choose healthy and nutritionally sound foods. If vacation is lounging nine hours a day at a pool, you may want to consider lighter foods like salads and grilled veggies more than heavier calorie-laden foods.

Making healthy choices doesn’t have to ruin a vacation. Choosing a few small splurges a day can make your vacation special. Just don’t over do it and come home with guilt! Enjoy your foods, eat local, eat mindfully and treat yourself to what really appeals to you, not just grab food because it’s there. Happy travels!

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