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5 Summer Swim Hairstyles 

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July 24, 2017

Some people think days at the pool or sea side mean you can only rock beach waves or a pony tail. Stop right there. Summer swim hair is totally a thing—and a good one at that.  We’ve come up with some fun, easy ways to do your ‘do while you ride the waves or lounge poolside with a good book.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

So Long Swim Cap

The dreaded—and tough to wear—swim cap was once the only way to keep hair fresh during the summer months. Not anymore! Go ahead and get your hair wet!

  1. The low bun is fun and easy to do. Take a few seconds from your stack of magazines and comb your wet hair back. Put in a low ponytail and wrap hair around to form a low bun. Don’t stress about tendrils hanging down or sticking out. It’s summertime.  The relaxed, low-maintenance look is where it’s at.
  2. For something a little different, test out the two-bun look. Part wet or dry hair down the middle of your head and create two small buns on top—one on each side.
  3. The slicked back look is totally trending this year. All you need are wet locks and a comb. Simply comb strands back from your forehead and repeat until the look is set in place.  No matter how often you go in the water your hair will look good. When you’re done swimming, add some leave-in conditioner to restore hair after exposure to sun, salt, and pool chemicals.
  4. The half up, half down style is great for any length hair. Section your hair in half from top to bottom. You can knot the top half at the back of your head or use a cute clip or barrette to hold it in place.
  5. Try a new take on mermaid hair by creating three or four coils or tiny buns at the nape of your neck. Simply slick hair back and divide into several sections. Coil hair into low buns at the base of your skull and fasten into place. The effect is sleek and stylish on both wet and dry hair.

Don’t Forget

All the waterworks and time outdoors can do a number on your hair. Remember to rinse out the salt and chlorine with fresh water after each swim. Condition the ends or do a weekly deep-conditioning mask to keep hair soft and shiny all summer long.

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