5 Spa-Inspired Gift Ideas

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November 19, 2019

Whether you’re making your personal gift idea list for family, or you are shopping for a co-worker or friend, most women love a little extra pampering at this time of year. With tight budgets, spa and beauty products often are not affordable for many women who have bills to pay and families to feed. Here are my top 5 pampering gift ideas.

Make a “hands and feet” basket so a friend or loved one can pamper themselves. Include a foot scrub, foot lotion, hand scrub, hand lotion, nail polish, and a pretty nail file. Add some soft fuzzy socks and a pair of warm gloves for an extra touch. This idea is also great for grab bags and secret Santa gifts!

Know how to make soap? Or maybe you are interested in learning? There are many tutorials online and craft stores often sell soap making kits. Make a homemade soap basket with different scented soaps. Include a cute soap dish and a luxurious soft hand towel to complete it. Who doesn’t love soap in an array of shapes, dreamy scents, and pretty colors?

A steam shower or bath bomb is heavenly when the days are long and cold. Consider buying a few shower gels and bath bombs to start off a basket. Toss in a bag of Epsom salt and a candle to round out the “spa” feel. This is especially thoughtful if you have a friend who works on her feet all day or is super busy and needs some “me-time”. They probably need a nice long relaxing bath!

Essential oils are another wonderful spa-inspired gift. Buy a pretty oil diffuser and add a few oils to the gift. Consider buying organic oils with real scents, no synthetics. They have aromatherapeutic effects and scent air naturally.

Looking for something more unique to give as a gift? What about a Himalayan salt lamp? You’ll find these at most spas and the theory is that they disperse negative ions into the air to purify and enhance mood. Pair one with a naturally scented room spray or some lavender sachets that can be placed in bowls or in drawers to gently scent the air.

Not every mom can get out to a spa, or even wants to, but most women love beauty pampering gifts like these. You can make one, or purchase one, in any budget and they also are lovely as hostess gifts when you head out this holiday season.

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