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5 Reasons to Try Shampoo Bars!

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December 24, 2020

Have you heard of shampoo bars? It’s like a soap bar for your hair. I recently tried them and I am hooked! How did it take me this long to hop on this eco-trend? There are a few reasons these bars are good for your pocketbook, good for the environment, and good for your hair! Read on to see why you may want to grab some now and make the switch to shampoo, and conditioner, bars.

1. They don’t take up space.

Whether in the shower, the camper, or the cabinet, there’s not much space needed for shampoo bars. They’re small and convenient wherever you need them. A less cluttered shower is a nice thought too.

2. They have no plastic waste

These babies are bio-degradable. Like soap, when it’s gone, it’s gone. No plastic bottle to recycle. Not to mention bottles often end up in the garbage. A report from National Geographic just a few years ago says 91% of plastic is not even recycled. So it just makes sense to chose products that are package-free. You don’t need to worry about contributing to the waste on the earth.

3. Hair loves them!

Typically shampoo bars don’t strip the hair like bottled shampoo. My hair feels cleaner, less greasy, and looks amazing when I use one. I also have a conditioner bar. While the conditioner takes a little bit to get used to, it also has the same eco-friendly and space-saving benefits. With conditioner bars, you need to pull them through the hair more, down to the ends. You’ll get the hang of it pretty fast though. Most shampoo and conditioner bars are natural based-made with ingredients like coconut milk, essential oils, and mild cleansing agents that are very effective and leave hair clean and shiny. They can help prevent damage and moisturize the same as bottled shampoos.

4. They are perfect for travel

Small, lightweight, TSA approved, and easy to pack in a little bag, there’s no excess space you need and no mini-travel size shampoo bottles you need to run to the store to buy.

5. They are usually a great value

Shampoo bars typically last longer than shampoo in bottles, because all it takes is a few swipes around your head to get a nice lather. No waste here, because they are very concentrated. A little bar can last you a month or more depending on how often you wash. I find with my hair, I can now go three days between washes.

If you’re thinking eco-friendly for gifts and for yourself, think shampoo and conditioner bars. A word of warning though—don’t just try one brand. As with many products, you may need to try a few before you find the right one for your hair. In the meantime, the other one you don’t love can be used to shave with or even as a body wash.

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