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5 Outdoor Decorating Ideas for Halloween

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October 5, 2012

With Halloween creeping around the corner, it’s time to start taking down those summer outdoor decorations and replacing them with Halloween decor. Whether you go all out spooky or with a more traditional harvest look, there are some fantastic outdoor decorating ideas for Halloween.

As I’ve been browsing online for a few ideas for my home, I’ve seen some of the most creative outdoor Halloween decor ideas that are not only simple to pull off, but they look amazing and will wow your guests.

There is something about driving by, or walking up to, a home that has their outdoor space decorated for the season. It’s very welcoming and adds nice curb appeal. So get ready to grab those brooms, pumpkins and milk jugs because it’s time to decorate your outdoor space for Halloween.

Milk Jug Jack-o-Lanterns

This idea is great for so many reasons. Not only are you recycling your milk jug containers that usually end up in the trash, but this is a fun Halloween craft for the kids to get involved in. It’s also extremely affordable. All you need are:

  • Milk jugs
  • A black sharpie
  • A knife that will cut through the milk jug
  • White lights

Here’s a fun step-by-step explanation of how to make these. You can give the jugs all different kinds of faces and they can light the path to your door.

A Witch Was Here

I am thinking about incorporating this idea on my front porch because I just love it so much. All you need are:

  • A broom or two (it needs to look like a witch’s broom),
  • Some pointy witch shoes
  • A frog and a pumpkin
  • You can even create a sign that says “A Witch Was Here” or one like the original idea I pinned here.

This is such a fun idea and will give your house guests a good laugh.

Your Very Own Bat Cave

No, I’m not talking about a bat cave like Batman’s, but this idea from Martha Stewart, queen of all things Halloween. This is a very simple idea and all it takes is her bat template, thick black paper and painter’s tape. You could add a few bats to your outdoor Halloween décor the day of Halloween. It might be a good idea to laminate the bats in case it rains and so you can use them again the next year.

Jack-o-Lanters Galore

If you love to carve pumpkins, spend a day or two carving them up with every different face and design you can imagine. Then set up a display similar to this one at Good Housekeeping. Not only did they use different faces and designs, but they also painted some pumpkins white. That adds such a classy look to your Halloween décor.

Frankenstein Your Door

This is by far one of the most fun and original ideas I’ve seen this year. Why not turn your entire door into Frankenstein’s face? Anna from  My Life and Kids used some foam and poster board, googly eyes and 3M strips to create her masterpiece. The project cost her less than $6 and she has a porch the entire neighborhood will be talking about.

Do you decorate your outdoor space for Halloween? Share some of your most favorite ideas with us from years past.

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