5 Natural Ways to Bring Autumn Inside

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October 25, 2016

I love fall and all of the changes that happen outdoors during the season. Instead of buying plastic pumpkins, ceramic scarecrows, and pumpkin spice-scented candles, I’d much prefer to bring nature inside to help decorate my home. Here are five simple ways to decorate with nature.

Pumpkins and Gourds

You don’t need to carve your pumpkins into jack o’ lanterns to display them. We set two or three small pumpkins besides the wood stove before we start using it. They make a festive display that we can later turn into pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. If you don’t have room to display full-size pumpkins, you can display an arrangement of gourds on your kitchen or dining room table instead. Mini gourds are much tinier than pumpkins, so they work well in smaller spaces, or in bowls.

Brightly-Colored Leaves

I love the brightly-colored leaves of fall, and it’s easy to display them between two clear pieces of glass. Just buy two picture frames and use both glass pieces in one of the frames to hold a few of your favorite leaves on display. You can hang the picture on your wall or stand it up on your entertainment center or fireplace mantle. Reuse it next summer to display pressed flowers.


I love pinecones, and they are so much fun to decorate with. Choose small pinecones to place in a glass dish in the center of your table. Or you can collect larger pinecones and display them in a wicker basket near your front door or your fireplace. For a festive scent, spray the pinecones with a mix of distilled water and cinnamon essential oil.

A Bowl of Apples

Decorating doesn’t have to be difficult. The next time you head to the apple orchard or the farmstand, bring a few extra apples home for display. Place four or five ripe apples in a bowl and set it in the center of the table or on your counter. The apples will brighten up your home, and the scent will make you smile. Just remember to swap them out regularly, so they don’t get soft and attract fruit flies.


After the leaves have fallen from one of your trees, cut a few small branches to bring inside. You can stand them up in a tall glass vase or a large mason jar for display. To make them festive and prepare for Christmas,, tie a few ornaments to each branch.

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