5 Mindless Money Savin’ Tips For Life on Hysteria Lane

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March 22, 2012

I often say that we live on “Hysteria Lane” vs “Wisteria Lane” of TV’s Desperate Housewives fame because we’re tasked with having to balance so many things as moms and housewives.  And, tops amongst them is doing our best to keep our home, family, and self taken care of – without breaking the bank.  Here are a few simple, mindless tips to help save money at home.

Put the Squeeze On

Even though you may think that tube of toothpaste, liquid foundation, skin cream, or lotion is empty – you can usually squeeze out a couple more uses by cutting the bottom.

Get a Lil’ Piggy Near Your Laundry

I don’t know about you – but between my son and I – a lot of money finds its way into the washing machine via our pockets. This is why I decided to put a piggy bank on top of my washing machine.  You’ll be surprised how quickly it fills up with loose change and dollar bills (and even an occasional $5, $10 or $20). You can use this cash to indulge yourself, your family, or simply take your filled lil piggy to the bank and put it into your savings account.

Stop Those Buggers

Rather then buy a roach motel or call an exterminator, you can get rid of those pesky cockroaches with a homemade trap.  Take an old jar (be sure to clean it first), put in a few apple or banana slices, and then apply a thin layer of Vaseline around the rim.  The fruit will act as the bait and the Vaseline will have them stepping in, but like ye ole Roach Motel, never checking out. And, save those banana peels for the next money saving tip:

Go Bananas

I’m a big fan of finding new uses for things that help us save money and time, and also allow us to multi-task. That’s why I love banana peels.  I used to trash them until I discovered they’re a terrific, natural alternative to store-bought products for dusting and polishing.  Now, I use them on my plant leaves, leather shoes, and furniture. Some people swear the peels are great to polish silver and they are even a wrinkle reducer. NOTE: Be sure to remove the stringy stuff before using and test a small area on leather items!

Get Charged on the Go

Rather then charge you cell phone at home where we often leave the charger in longer then we need, charge your cell phone as you’re driving.

AND, here are two ideas to help you save money when you’re shopping for gas, groceries, clothes or greeting cards:

Get Blue-Tiful Cash Back Everyday, Everyway

Think about it – where do we spend most of our money? On groceries, gas and clothing. Although there are lots of credit cards out there that give you money back on these, I’ve found Amex Blue Cash gives you even more benefits, including 6% cash back at supermarkets.  So if you even just have one teenage son  eating you out of house and home, it will add up and allow you to indulge in a night out or whatever else we hardworking, money-saving moms so richly deserve.

Free E-Cards For Every Occasion

Don’t have time or the finances to mail off a slew of birthday cards? Hallmark has a terrific variety of free e-cards to choose from and you don’t have to join a club to be able to access them.  Plus they often have special coupons to print for in-Hallmark store purchases. Also, if I’ve forgotten to buy a card until the day of, I can still send it on time and look like I remembered … Love that!

BTW would love for you to share any money saving tips like these you have here, my FB, Twitter, or at www.juliestips.com.

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