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5 Key Benefits of Pet Ownership

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April 17, 2018

There’s just something about animals … the connections we form and the love we add to our lives. For children, having pets is a wonderful experience. Not only do they get to feel that love, they learn a lot. For adults, they provide many benefits as well.


Pet ownership teachers responsibility, especially to children. They learn to feed on a schedule, maintain water dishes, perhaps clean cages, walk dogs, and brush and groom animals. Studies also suggest that children raised with pets have fewer allergies.

Joy and Comfort

A pet typically brings joy and love to the house. Having an animal love you, rely on you, and even cuddle with you brings a feeling of peace and contentment. It’s a meaningful relationship with a mutual bond.

Nurturing a bond with your pet can lower stress and anxiety levels too. Many of us know the zen feeling we get from petting a cat or dog without any other distractions. Pet therapy programs help people recover from surgery so imagine how your own pet can help you feel better.

A Good Laugh

Pets are also often entertainment. Dogs and cats, rabbits and ferrets, they can all bring us laughter in their antics and we know laughter is good for the soul. Watch any episode of funny videos and you’ll see pets doing the silliest things. Who doesn’t need some silliness and lightness in their lives?

Fitness Inspiration

Studies suggest that owning a pet can also help keep us physically fitter. Walking the dog is great exercise for both of you! It gets you out in all weather, increases blood flow, and improves heart health especially at a brisk pace. Exercise can help lower blood pressure too.

Social Interaction

Owning a dog and getting out can also help people socialize. How many times have you reached out to a pet owner? It can start with “What a beautiful dog” and lead to a pleasant conversation. For anyone who lives alone, doesn’t work, or is experiencing a little loneliness, these conversations are ways to socialize and even meet new friends and neighbors.

Whether dog or cat or any animal, pets improve our daily lives in many ways. Even if all you can have is fish in a bowl, kids love feeding them and can become attached, in a good way. Caged reptiles can teach responsibility and bring some fun, however, the cuddling aspect is often lacking. A furry pet that can lay near your feet or on your lap while watching a show brings deep companionship. You are adored and relied on and there’s no better feeling than that, for any age!

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