5 Hot New Hair Trends for Spring 2012

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March 1, 2012

One of the hottest “how–to” finds on Pinterest these days (you are on Pinterest right?) are hairstyles. After perusing different hairdos on the popular site, I’ve found myself wanting to do a little of everything to my hair – from chopping it, lengthening it with extensions, braiding it, adding a bright color to a few key strands, and blinging my locks with hair accessories.

A new season invites change, and many women look to revamp their style with updated clothing and a fun hairstyle. Need some inspiration? Here are some of the hottest new hair trends for Spring 2012:


Ponytails aren’t just for little girls. Maybe pig tails are, but a ponytail can come to the rescue during a bad hair day, add a dash of sophistication, or help out during those hot months when you need to keep your hair off your neck.

Obviously ponytails aren’t a “new trend” but some of the different ways you choose to style it are. New ponytail trends for this spring include:

  • Looped ponytail
  • Side-swept ponytail
  • Soft, loose ponytail


If you are blessed with long locks and mad braiding skills, there are some amazing things you can do with your hair. And if you don’t have the skills, hop on YouTube and check out amazing tutorials.

You can braid your bangs or a small section at your hairline and wrap it around your head for a romantic look. You can even incorporate braids and curls for an upcoming wedding or a day you feel like a dash of flirty fun.

Romantic Waves

You know how your hair looks after you’ve been at the beach all day? It’s full of sand and salt water, hasn’t been washed, and it dried without the use of a hairdryer. That’s the romantic wave so many women long for. Hollywood and supermodels are known for perfecting this trend, but I actually think any woman who’s spent a few hours on the beach deserves the credit.

The easiest way to get this look is with a curling iron. There are some fantastic tutorials that show you exactly how to get this look. It’s easier than you might think.

Two other Spring 2012 hairstyle trends include:

Take some time before the new season hits and either have a chat with your stylist, or look through magazines and blogs for a new hairstyle this spring. Spring cleaning isn’t just a good idea for our homes. We need to spring clean our look as well.

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