5 Gifts for a Fashionable Father’s Day

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June 5, 2014

The necktie has long been the ultimate in tired ideas for Father’s Day.  But what’s old is new again and Father’s Day 2014 is the perfect time to bring back some classics and focus on what has been going on in Dad’s closet.  Spruce up his wardrobe for work or after hours, it is all good.  It works the same for guys as it does for girls.  Some new duds will let him see himself in a new light and put a spring into his step.  Happy Father’s Day!

It’s About Time: A Watch

A great classic gift for this June event is the watch. A leather wristband watch is both modern and classic.  He can wear it to work or out on the golf course on the weekend, and it will keep him from being too fashionably late.  Make it water-resistant and he can wear it on pool or bath duty too.

Cool Factor: Sunglasses

Pick up a pair of Aviator sunglasses from Ray-Ban or another brand.  They never go out of style and will keep Dad’s peepers protected from the sun all year long.  He’ll look great in the car, at the spray park with the kids and even while he mows the lawn this summer.

The Slim & Stylish: Neck-Tie

The necktie is an almost joke of a gift for father’s on Father’s Day but why not revisit it?  Slim ties are in right now and it is a good bet that he doesn’t have one hanging on his tie rack right now.  Find a preppy, slim fit of a tie from J.Crew or Brooks Brothers to add a bit of 2014 into Dad’s work attire.

Get Silly: Patterned Socks

I know, I know, it hardly seems right to throw a pair of “party socks” into the mix. Taking a cue from my own spouse who likes to add a set of bright or patterned socks to his staid mix of navy and black suits you can totally find the fun and whimsy in a pair of printed socks for Dad.  State flags, preppy lobster prints or polka dots it is up to you and the kids to find a pair or two that will make Dad smile.

Swimmingly Good: Swim Trunks

If you haven’t noticed men’s swimwear is getting shorter.  Say so long to the long board shorts of years past and find Dad a bathing suit that is a bit shorter this year.  Color-blocking, seersucker and bold colors work best with shorter length swim shorts.

Whether you are buying one gift or three this Father’s Day you can easily find a way to celebrate Dad with these classic but still fashionable gifts.

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