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5 Easy Ways to Become More Productive Overnight

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July 26, 2017

I always seem to have more tasks to complete than there are hours in the day. There are days where I’m easily distracted, prone to daydreaming, or just not motivated. I’ve been working on ways to become more productive, and thought I would share them with you.

Write it Down

Whether you use a fancy planner, a wall calendar, or a note on the refrigerator, write down what you need to do each day and then periodically refer to the list. Don’t go crazy. Keep your list short and very specific, or you may be too intimidated to even begin.

Set an Alarm

Did you ever tell yourself, “I’m just going to read for 30 minutes, and then I’ll finish cleaning”? Yeah, me too. It never fails that 30 minutes turns into two hours and I completely lose track of time. Set the alarm on your computer, your smart phone, or your bedroom alarm clock to notify you when the time is up. Then immediately get back to whatever it was you were working on.

Block Distractions

I hate being interrupted because it’s so easy for me to get distracted and forget what I was doing. When I have a real deadline I need to meet, I block distractions. Silence your phone. Lock your front door. Draw the blinds if what is going on outside is a distraction. Turn on music to block out any noise. Then focus on your to-do list until you’re done.

Focus on One Task

Some days it feels like I have accomplished a little bit of ten different tasks but not finished a single one. Multitasking doesn’t work for everyone. If you get lost when you multitask, focus on one item at a time until it’s complete. Then, mark that task off your list and move onto the next one.

Start a Routine

I have a fairly set routine in the morning. I do the same things at the same times. I don’t have to stop and think about what I need to do next because my morning follows the same routine each day. If you find yourself frazzled in the AM, instead of running around like a crazy person, consider creating a morning routine to calm things down.

While you may seldom get as much done in a day as you want to, following  these tips will certainly help.

Do you have your own productivity tips to share?

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