5 DIY Beauty Tricks

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May 15, 2014

Sure, it’s fun to have a product for this and makeup for that. But sometimes it’s more satisfying to figure things out on your own! Once you have the skills you can tackle most beauty problems right in your own bathroom. These DIY beauty tips and tricks will save you time and money.

1. Put a Pin in It

Bobby pins can be a girl’s best friend.  Not only do they hold an updo in place but they can be useful for casual everyday hair styles too.  Did you know that the rippled side is supposed to go against your head? The flat part should face outward for the pin to act as an effective anchor in your hair.  Pro tip:  spraying the pin with dry shampoo will keep it from slipping out of your hair.

2. X Marks the Spot

Want to get the most natural look from your blush? Use your blush brush to apply the blush in the shape of an X across your cheeks. You can stay within the apple of your cheek or make a larger X and hit up that cheek bone definition.  Either way it is the best way to apply a natural looking blush of color to your face.

3. Plump It Up

You don’t need to spend your money on lip plumping glosses and gels anymore!  Add a drop of peppermint oil to your favorite lip gloss and your lips will plump up naturally.  Bonus tip:  The added peppermint scent will help keep breath fresh too.

4. Beautifully Bronzed

The trick to getting perfectly sun-kissed looking bronzer comes in the shape of the number three.  Using a bronzer brush, start at your hairline at your forehead and apply bronzer in a downward motion in the shape of the number three. Go in at your cheeks and chin and then do it up in reverse on the other side of your face.  You can go in the shape of the letter W across your cheekbones and nose to keep the application natural.  Be light-handed and your glow with be the best blend of bronzed and beautiful.

5. Take Two Aspirin And…

No need to call the doctor in the morning, just have the salicylic-acid rich tablets on hand to zap zits quick or create a hair clarifying shampoo fast.  Blast blemishes by dissolving an aspirin in a bit of water.  Apply the paste to the pimple to reduce inflammation and aid healing.  Add a crushed tablet of aspirin to your daily shampoo to get the hair styling gunk out and reduce build up.

While everyone loves a little salon and spa time, a visit isn’t always in the cards. DIY beauty tips save time, money and make you more efficient.    That’s always a good thing.

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