Yoga for Moms: Top 5 Benefits

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April 8, 2016

Everyone seems to be doing yoga nowadays, right? Not so actually. There are many moms who have thought about starting but decide they are just too busy to add it into their schedules. Did you know that even squeezing in 5-15 minutes a day of yoga can have huge benefits for moms of all ages?

No need to go to a class either, unless you have the time or want to. Yoga can be done at home, at hotels, at parks,in your office, in your yard, basically anywhere. With the many benefits yoga brings, it’s a great thing for all moms to be practicing!

1. Yoga teaches deep breathing and to calm yourself.

It’s a grounding practice that helps us turn inward and relax. All moms know there are many moments in the day we need to take a minute to calm down and refocus on what’s important without losing our tempers. Yoga will teach you to pay attention and take a minute of deep breaths when needed to center yourself and calm your mind and body.

2. Yoga stretches and strengthens muscles in your whole body – arms, legs, back and abs.

Moms do a ton! Whether you’re carrying babies or groceries, moving furniture to clean, pushing strollers (even uphill!) you’ll appreciate having the strength from your down dog and crow poses. The bonus is the beautiful sculpted muscles you get!

3. Yoga gives moms “me time”.

Even if that “me-time” is sneaking in the bedroom with the yoga mat after your husband gets home, or when the kids nap or are at school, it’s a few minutes of solitude and peace that moms need after taking care of everyone else. Working moms have to deal with a job and then the demands of the household so fitting in yoga at lunch time or early AM may be an option. It’s in those 5, 10 or 20 minutes that we can turn inward and think (or NOT think) and just breathe through the movements as yoga offers that unwinding quiet de-stressing time we all need each day.

4. Yoga often makes moms more aware of healthy eating.

Some lose weight or just reap the benefits of a better diet. Of course this benefit carries over to families too. Some moms invite their children to practice with them and make it a fun family time, getting exercise and bonding. Others prefer the quiet alone time of yoga but it still leads them to make healthier choices in all ways for their families.

5. Even more hidden benefits.

Yoga has been known to improve everything from posture to sleep, energy levels to balance, and much more. Depending on how much you do and what kind of yoga, the benefits may not be noticeable right away but after incorporating yoga into your weeks regularly, you will surely notice many benefits and feel better about yourself.

Beyond those five benefits, there are literally dozens of others. You can improve balance, learn how to concentrate, meet new friends, or just enjoy 15 minutes of quiet time. Since there are many styles of yoga, you may need to experiment with what you like and feel good with. That style can change and evolve as you continue your practice. There are also many instructors with different styles of teaching and finding one you don’t love right away shouldn’t deter you. Keep looking until you find something you feel great about. Eventually you’ll know how to practice without any instructors and you can simply head out into the yard and practice your yoga out in nature (which is actually extremely grounding and uplifting at the same time).

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