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5 Apps That Will Help You Stay Healthy

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February 7, 2017

I rely on apps on my smartphone and computer for just about everything—from keeping me organized to relaxing at the end of the night. But, did you know that there are apps that will help you live a healthier life?  I’ve been experimenting with several new apps to see how each of them works and which ones work the best for me. Here are the top five apps that I think offer the most benefits.

My Fitness Pal

There are many apps that track your eating and moving, but I’ve found My Fitness Pal to be the easiest to use and most versatile. Instead of needing a separate app for food journaling and for exercise, My Fitness Pal incorporates both. You can log your food and water intake and keep track of your activity. Plus, you can see how the food you eat is impacting your fitness goals.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

How much you sleep—or don’t sleep—can determine what type of day you have. There are nights that I don’t remember waking up or tossing and turning, but my husband notices. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock analyzes your sleeping patterns via sound and movement, and makes sure you are waking up at the best time. You set the alarm for the time you want to wake up, and the app will wake you within 30 minutes, based on your sleep cycle.


For people who eat out frequently, deciding where to go can be a challenge. You want a restaurant that’s convenient but also offers healthy food options. HealthyOut helps you pick healthy choices from the menu and then makes modification suggestions, so you make healthier choices. The app also allows you to choose options based on dietary restrictions including vegan, Paleo, gluten intolerance, etc.


Making good choices at the grocery store is the foundation of healthy eating. It’s not always easy to look at a package and decide whether or not it’s healthy. With ShopWell, you can scan the item, and the app will provide a list of healthy alternative suggestions for you. You can even add your specific personal goals, like lowering your cholesterol or avoiding gluten.


I have a hard time drinking enough water, but Waterlogged helps me stay on track. This app help you keep track of the amount of water you drink each day. What I like best about it is that it offers a visual (photo) or measurement-based approach. You can record how many ounces you drink or how many bottles you drink.

All of these apps are free, although there are premium options that provide extra features. Download a few today and see which ones help you the most!

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