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4 Ways to Change Ceiling Fans

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October 13, 2017

The windows have been open all summer and now dust is everywhere. As the weather begins to cool it’s time for a deep fall cleaning. This includes climbing up on a step stool and trying to wipe the grime off the ceiling fans.

As you clean your fans, do you dream of replacing them? Consider changing your fans instead. It’s more affordable and you can make fans look new or old, modern or rustic, standouts or fade-ins.


Remove the blades and wipe them clean. Now you can paint over them with spray paint. Consider a dark color to contrast with your ceiling, bright paint for a pop of color, or paint them the same color as your walls to blend in. You can also paint the light fixture but you may have to sand it down so the paint will stick.

For a unique look, consider painting a pattern on the blades. Stencil flowers on the bottom side or write a word on each blade – Love, Peace, Happiness, Believe, Imagine.


Consider covering the fan blades with material. If you sew or do crafts often, you probably have some extra material lying around. Go plain, patterned, or textured to make your fan one of a kind.

First, remove the blades and then place one on top of the material. Trace the shape, adding an extra inch around to wrap over the blade. Use a good material glue (Mod Podge is fabulous) and glue the material to the top of the fan. Be sure to cut slits in the material around the corners and curves of your blades. This will make the material lie flat. Punch a hole in the material where the screw needs to go. Hang the blades.

Light Shades

If your fan has lights, consider updating the shades. If you have a single bulb, try using a drum shade as a new light shade. You can find all kinds of different and unique glass shades. Wire shades are popular too. Try colored bulbs for an even different look.

Distress It

This technique is popular for all types of home furnishings. Use regular paint, then wipe spots before paint is completely dry. Or try use a technique paint sold in most arts and crafts stores. Check out the oxidizing finish kits at Modern Masters. Turn your fan into a green patina, blue patina, or rust finish. Combine a metallic base with a soft material on the blades.

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