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4 Tips to Survive a Summer Vacation With The Kids

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May 14, 2019

Are you wondering how you’re going to survive a summer vacation with the kids? If so, check out these tips that will help you and the kids relax and have fun during the summer no matter your destination.

Whether you’re taking a day trip to a local attraction, flying across the country to visit family, or heading abroad for a few weeks rest and relaxation, adding kids to the mix can be a challenge. There are enough things to worry about when we travel. Traffic, flight delays, and changing schedules can all add stress to what should be a fun vacation.

Keep your child’s age in mind when planning your trip. Unless absolutely necessary, avoid long cross country or international flights with a very young child. They often don’t sleep well and can be over-stimulated by the lights and activity. Lack of mobility may lead to them being antsy, which is also difficult to navigate. These lengthy flights can be trying for you, your child, and other passengers.

Bring along some of the comforts of home. Your child may feel more comfortable with her favorite blanket, stuffed toy, pillow, or special pajamas. Make sure that your child can access them when they want them. Consider a tiny backpack for a toddler with a few of her favorite belongings.

Make frequent stops when driving or book your flights so that you have a layover. Your child will appreciate the break from sitting still. Be sure to get them a snack and something to drink and then let them run around and burn off some energy. Many airports have play zones for kids with toys, movies, climbing centers, and activities.

Don’t over schedule your time. Always leave plenty of time for travel. It is far better to be early than to be rushed. When you’re trying to plan what you’ll do on vacation, you may be tempted to pack more than one activity into a day. For many children, this is far too stressful. Instead, plan one activity, then allow for some downtime, snacks and a nap, maybe a casual restaurant or just an hour or two of movies in the hotel room that night to relax.

Family vacations can be very stressful, but the goal of a vacation is to relax and unwind. If the kids are cranky, overtired and overwhelmed, no one will be happy. That includes the adults. Keep a few of these tips in mind when you’re planning your next vacation and things should go a lot smoother for everyone.

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