4 Steps to Transition from Winter to Spring

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March 13, 2014

If you’re like me – you’ve been looking at spring fashions online, in magazines and in stores for a while now and you can’t wait to get some of these new duds out of your closet and on you.  There is one small problem.  Winter is still hanging around.  Dressing for spring during the winter to spring transition can be tricky.  A few basic layering tricks and tips will enable us all to cross the divide from chilly to chill in no time.

1. The Essentials

Wardrobe staples can keep you in good fashion form throughout the year, including the winter to spring transition.  Think ankle pants in basic black or your favorite bright color.  Ankle boots in black or brown are a good bet. A silky blouse in white or any color that you can rock works too.  You can layer or take away from all these items in a flash throughout the day or night.

2.  Winter Grays & Soft Pastels

Those drab grays have been in mass circulation this winter – and are in need of an upgrade.  Bring on the spring fever by mixing and matching your grays with pastels.  The soft pastel and sherbet colors are everywhere this spring and you can wear them now to soften up those grays.  Take a gray sweater and wear it with light pink pants.  A nude or other neutral shoe will enhance the look.  A pastel yellow or blue tank under a gray blazer will surely add a spring in your step.  Pick up a structured bag or clutch in lilac or mint green to spruce up your look.  Each tip adds depth to your closet and longevity to your pieces while incorporating a new trend.

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3. Flower Power

Floral prints are in bloom all over the fashion world.  A dark or black-based floral print top or skirt incorporated into your winter to spring transition wardrobe works wonders. Add the dark floral print top with a pair of black pants or jeans.  Throw on ankle booties and a blazer or cardigan and the look is complete. Accessorize with some sparkle and you are ready to head out the door.

4. Black & White Contrast

It was hot last spring and all through the fall and winter – and the black and white contrast look is here to stay another season.  Instead of bulking up with this minimal style layer lightly with a soft, chambray style shirt.  Dressed up with a black and white mini skirt, black tights and ankle boots you have a look that works in various temperatures with a bit of an edge.  Come summer you can slip on a pastel or bright colored tank for a new look.

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