4 Autumn Hair Tips & Teasers

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September 20, 2013

It’s almost Autumn, time to shop for boots and outerwear, and perhaps don a new hairstyle for the cooler months ahead. Check out these four Autumn hair tips and teasers:

Make Waves

One of the best hair styles this fall is the almost undone wave.  Bidding adieu to the more tightly coiled curls of the last few years, these waves frame the face, just barely.  To achieve it wrap long or medium length hair loosely around a wide-barrel curling iron for a few seconds.  Do not let it sit.  Curl away from the face and let it go.  Don’t spray with any finishing spray because the key to this look is that time takes away any tightness in the curl and a very gentle wave emerges.  It is perfect for those days where you want to break away from the super straight au currant styling also hot today.

Slick Styling

Easy to do and always in style, the slicked back, refined look of a classic bun worn low or ponytail is making appearances everywhere. Comb it straight back, part it down the middle or use a deep side part: it doesn’t matter.  All three work just fine for both looks.  You can take the low ponytail, loop it under and secure a band of hair around the elastic for an equestrian-based style that is totally chic. The trick to all these looks is to make sure that the hair is completely dry before pulling it back. Then use a light coating of hair spray all over when combing it back. A small amount of shine spray finishes the look.

Chop, Chop

Fall is the ideal time for a new cut.  For long hair the empire length is spot on as it doesn’t weigh you down.  Medium lengths can pump the volume by adding soft layers. Short bobs without layers or bangs benefit from deep side parts or a half up, half down style to create versatility.  A fuller Pixie is also in style thanks to some sharp looking celebs.

Rich Color

Whether you do your color at home or take your mane to a salon you can certainly achieve the glossy, rich colors that are flowing right now.  Terms to look for on boxes of drugstore hair color are the same you would tell your stylist.  For blonds: look for a creamy blonde for an ultra-light look, buttery for something a bit deeper and punch up a neutral brown tone with some blond highlights for a deeper contrast.  Redheads can benefit from the cinnamon-hued trend that is shining through this season. Mad Men star Christina Hendricks works this color beautifully.  Temperatures may be cooling off but the word for brown and black hair is warm.  Warm brown, black or chestnut and chocolate are all great for creating depth and gloss in dark toned hair.

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