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Get a Little Zesty with Mrs. Dash #30DaysofDash

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June 27, 2012

I’m always on the look-out for ways to make healthier recipes at home. One of our staple dinners is grilled chicken with rice and salad on the side. Unfortunately, that can get a little boring. Thank goodness for seasonings and marinades like Mrs. Dash. You can change up the flavor of any meal, perfect for when your family is getting bored of the “same old thing.”

Haven’t tried Mrs. Dash? Well they are giving away 30,000 samples per day (with 4 FREE sample packets of Mrs. Dash Original Blend) this summer. Go HERE to “like” Mrs. Dash and recieve your 4 FREE Sample Packets. Once you’re a fan, you’ll unlock recipes, cooking tips and more. Click on a date on the calendar in the Facebook app to reveal exclusive tips from Mrs. Dash, a new one is unlocked each day. (My personal favorite thus far is the chicken tenders!)

About Mrs. Dash

A working mom gets creative

For Carol Bernick, Executive Chairman of the Alberto-Culver Company, necessity really was the mother of invention. In the 1980s, when Carol was a marketing exec at the Alberto Culver Co., she was frustrated with the products available to flavor the nutritious meals she prepared at home for her family. She needed a convenient way to flavor the food without using salt. So, Carol got creative in the kitchen and invented a salt-free blend of her own. Working with a variety of spice suppliers, Carol tasted, tested and tweaked until the blend in the bottle was just right. The result is Mrs. Dash® Original Blend, now the most popular salt-free blend in the seasoning category.

Today, Mrs. Dash® Seasoning Blends are available in 14 different varieties that add flavor to foods — everything from seafood to salad and meat to mixed vegetables. The salt-free flavor is also available in Mrs. Dash® Marinades in 6 varieties: Zesty Garlic Herb, Lemon Herb Peppercorn, Mesquite Grille, Southwestern Chipotle, Spicy Teriyaki and Garlic Lime. These non-sulfited herbs and spices are salt-free, all-natural with no MSG.

Let us know what meal would be better with Mrs. Dash seasonings! Just share in the comments section below for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card. (See official rules.)

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