3 Ways to Style Up Your New Year’s Eve

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December 19, 2013

The last thing on your mind right now is probably what you’re going to wear for New Year’s Eve. And the last thing you’ll want to do is head back into the crowds of shoppers to find something to slip into before the ball drops this December 31. Luckily, you may have just the thing in your closet already, the perfect pieces for a rockin’ good, fashionable New Year’s Eve.

Faux Fur Fabulous

Always safe and everywhere right now, faux fur is helping to deck you out in in style by accenting boots, coats, sweaters, scarves and purses.  There are so many options when wearing faux fur. The best place to start is to pick the way you want to wear it and then go for the color.  A fur jacket or vest is a great way to add a sense of luxury to outfit and keep warm.  A pair of fur mittens or scarf can dress up your outerwear.  Wear the fur indoors by picking up a cute cardigan with a fur-trimmed collar.  A sweet faux fur clutch makes a statement when mixed with a simple look.  When it comes to color black, brown, white or grey are the most common. Vests, coats, shawls and jackets in purple and reds are also quite popular and can add a dose of color to a chic monochromatic look.

Embellishments Du Jour

Sequins are quintessential NYE.  Comb the racks of any store from Target to Nordstrom and everything in between and you will find those sparklers gracing almost every type of clothing.  Break the mold and opt in on small embellishments versus one bold sequined skirt or dress.  Find a sweater with sequined pockets (boyfriend-style keeps it casual but cardigans rule right now) or large sequins and jewels decorating the front.  Tuxedo style pants, even leggings with sequins instead of a satin stripe down the side make an impact. Or slip into a tank or dress with tiny sparkling beading that plays with Gatsby style for a totally on-point and elegant New Year’s style.

Velvet Underground

Velvet isn’t just for decorations these days.  Take one look online and you can find velvet trimmings and wardrobe pieces rivaling the leather trend.  It is the perfect way to add something classic and still be on-trend.  A velvet tee worn over a denim shirt and paired with a statement necklace and simple trim pants looks great with boots or heels and can be worn almost anywhere.  Velvet pants are always in style and never more so than this year.  A velvet bag, especially in a box clutch, can be used years to come.  Stay safe and find a shirt with velvet trim or a raised velvet design to wear with slim cut pants or skirt. Soft, simple and stylish.

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