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3 Ways to Get Winter Slim

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January 22, 2013

Instead of going into hibernation and hiding behind bulky sweaters during the cold winter months – why not adopt a new approach and find other ways to stay fit, get slim and be motivated despite the chill outside? These three tips will help you get (and stay) slim all year round.

Snack Smart

There are dozens of ways to snack smart, especially for 100 calories or less. The trick is to get the most of out of the flavor or texture of the food – which helps to eliminate further cravings.

  • Snacks like carrots pack a powerful crunch and does a celery stick filled with a tablespoon of peanut butter.
  • Pair a slice of tomato with part-skim mozzarella and basil for a bite that is both full of flavor and filling.
  • Three cups of air-popped popcorn is a standard low-cal treat.
  • Punch it up by adding a dash of Chinese Five Spice powder or even Red Pepper to maximize flavor.
  • A slice of turkey breast rolled with a slice of Swiss cheese is just the thing to get through the afternoon.
  • Other snacks include cashews with apples, almonds, clementine’s, watermelon cubes and a ½ cup of edamame always do the trick.

Find a Friend

Sure, it is tons of fun to grab a drink with the girls or spend hours luxuriating over mimosas and brunch – but over time those calories can add inches to your waistline. Next time your friends want to hang out take a hike instead or go for a brisk walk. You still get the time with friends but with the added benefit of exercise too. Ask a friend to join you in class at the gym that might have you feeling a bit intimidated. Having her there will boost your confidence and add to the fun. Friends can keep you accountable to your fitness goals as well as deepening a friendship. Who doesn’t want more of that?

Mix it Up

Fight boredom for both your body and your mind by changing up your fitness routine. About every ten days you should think about doing something new with your fitness routine, so your body doesn’t plateau. Take up that new martial arts class at the gym for a wildly different approach. Or take a break from Pilates and circuit train for a few days. If you do a lot of cardio then go zen and pick up a yoga DVD or class to physically feed your body something different.

Remember it isn’t what your dress size is or what the scale tells you that counts.  It is all about your overall health and feelings of fitness that is the most important.

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