3 Summer Nail Trend Looks You Can Achieve At Home

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June 4, 2013

It seems that when it comes to taking care of ourselves, moms often forget about their nails. It could be because of the time commitment or the expense of having someone else do them. Getting a professional manicure is not something my budget allows right now and I’m okay with that. While doing research on the current summer 2013 nail trends, I found there are definitely some that are easy and doable at home.

From neutrals and pastels to brights and a little (or a lot) of sparkle, I’ll show you three looks you can easily do yourself. You may event want to include your daughters and turn it into an at-home mani party.

Get Nude

Yes, I’m still talking about nails. This was one trend I was excited to see, because I absolutely love the nude nail look. It’s sophisticated, so easy to pull off and can be done in just a few minutes. Are the celebrities embracing this look? They sure are. Jennifer Hudson wore head to toe neutrals for a recent music awards show, including her nails. Glenn Close opted to just layer the base coat and top coat on her nails at the EMMYs for a very natural look. The ‘nude’ nail look doesn’t just mean a beige color. You can also rock the look with light pinks, which oozes romance.

Some of the best and most affordable neutral nail polishes include OPI’s Mimosas For Mr. & Mrs., Essie’s Allure and Red Carpet Manicure’s Simply Stunning.

Summer Brights

Summer is all about sunshine and being outside soaking it all in.  It’s also the time of the year we tend to break out those hot pinks, bright blues and sunny yellows. You can do the same with your nails. There is something about polishing my nails with a bright in-your-face color that makes me feel bold and confident. One color I plan on trying this summer is yellow. I’m talking Yellow Polka Dot Bikini Yellow from China Glaze. It’s bright! Another beautiful bright color is Orly’s Skinny Dip Blue. Fantastic nail polish names aren’t they?

Don’t be afraid to go bold with your nails this summer. This is the season to experiment and have fun. You just might find a color that makes you feel bold and ready to tackle anything.

Sparkle and Shine

Why should the sun and the ocean be the only things to sparkle and shine this summer? The glitter nail trend is one I’ve embraced with open arms. Have you seen the trend where one nail is a different color than the rest? It was all over the red carpets. I combined that with the glitter trend and paint one nail on each hand with glitter. It’s one of my favorite nail looks. What I haven’t tried this season yet is some sparkle on every nail. I’m ready.

All you do is start with your favorite polish color and add some glitter over it for some extra sass. You can glitter the entire nail, or just  one half. Some great glitter nail polishes are Essie’s LuxEffects Top Coats, China Glaze’s Snow Globe and OPI’s Servin’ Up Sparkle.

Are you ready to try one or all three of these 2013 summer nail trends? If you never do your nails, try the nude look. If you love doing your nails and wouldn’t be seen with naked nails, go for some sparkle and bright colors that pop. Either way, treat yourself to some nail therapy this summer.

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