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3 Bathing Suit Trends for 2013 and How to Wear Them This Summer

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May 7, 2013

It’s time to talk bathing suits ladies … please don’t cringe. The summer weather is rolling in and your kids are going to ask for some pool time soon, whether you’re ready or not. Maybe some talk of the 2013 bathing suit trends will have you ready to shed those winter clothes, sit poolside and start soaking in those sun’s rays. Fashionably, of course.

Before we talk trends, one thing to always remember is to make sure you pick a style that you are comfortable with. There’s no point in wearing the latest trend if you’re hiding in the corner because you feel ridiculous. Take what’s hot into account, go shopping with those in mind and then pick out something you feel fabulous in. Now onto the hottest three summer swimsuit trends …

Ruffles and Fringe

When I first saw this swim wear trend, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to jump up and down with excitement or cringe a little. Fringe, really? While I’m not sure that I’m ready to rock the fringe at the local pool, I do know I can get into ruffles. Just remember that ruffles bring attention to that area. If you’re big busted, skip the ruffles on top. If your hips are an issue, steer clear of ruffles on the bottom. Above are a few bathing suits I found where the ruffles accent the suit just right.


Retro Swim Wear

Retro Swim Wear

This is possibly the hottest bathing suit trend of the season and one, in all honesty, I am a tad bit scared to try. I love retro 1950s dresses and will wear those all day long, but for some reason, those high-wasted bikinis terrify me. What do you think? Is this a trend you’re willing to try? Above are a few styles I think are cute.

Color Blocking

Color Blocking Bathing Suit Trend

I noticed this swim wear trend popping up very early in the season on Pinterest – and I knew instantly it was a trend I’d be all over. Color blocking has been huge over the last couple of years. You probably know the trend best from color blocked dresses and shoes, but have you thought about swim wear? A common theme is paring a colored top with white bottoms. I love it. Above are a few examples for you when it comes to swim wear and color blocking.

Are there any of these 2013 swim wear trends you are willing to try? Are you going to go retro this year? Let me know how brave you are going to be this summer in the comment section below.

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