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2021 Beauty Trends You Will Love

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January 11, 2021

We did it. 2020, the year that will go down in history, is over. I think we all might be feeling a tad bit of pandemic ennui or malaise right about now, am I right? It’s time to embrace 2021 with gusto and start fresh. Refresh yourself with what the experts are dubbing ‘The Year of Beauty’. Aren’t we all looking forward to a little more glamour and ways to pamper ourselves and get pampered? Let us check out what the world of beauty has in store for us this upcoming year.

Minimalism & Transparency

Moving forward, our skincare outlook is based on the ideas of transparency in our skincare brands and the ingredients in our products. We want sustainable formulas, packaging, and a reduction in our carbon footprint. It is about demanding more from the companies that want our business. Look for your current skincare brands rating at EWG and see how they fare. You can also use EWG to help you find new brands that are affordable too. 

If 2020 has shown us anything it is how to simplify. Minimalism will play a current theme in how we do self-care and explore new skincare products in the future. The no-makeup trend will hit hard in the new year. When we do decide to shine it will be based on “glowing-up.” a combination of skincare and makeup creating a simplified routine that allows your natural skin texture to shine through. Hello, freckles! Good-bye thick foundation and heavy contouring. 

Give Me the Blue Light

Our lives have turned very digital in the last twelve months. Did you know that blue light can damage your skin? Now there are ways to combat the effects of blue light emissions that go beyond your glasses. Look for special products to begin launching this year that are all around blue light protection. Think turmeric formulas and ones with algae. Products formulated with rosa rubiginosa or licochalcone A are also beneficial to your skin. Consider adding them to your skincare routine if you are spending more time in front of your screen. 

Masks & More

In 2021 masks will still be a must-have fashion accessory. That means fighting maskne and finding ways to play up our pouts behind the masks. 

Maskne is real and treatable. Soothing face sprays that fight irritation and using products containing zinc oxide are where it is at. They both help to alleviate the symptoms of wearing a mask. Continue to keep up with a gentle face wash, moisturizing, and using preventative acne items to further help fight breakouts.

Look for liquid lipsticks that will not transfer onto your mask or smudge.  Liquid lipsticks have staying power and last all day long. It is all about no muss, no fuss. 

Here’s to a 2021 that starts to feel normal again!

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