January 17, 2018

The last several years have seen a trend of more modern décor: muted colors and sleek designs have left interiors looking stark and not very friendly. 2018 will see the modern giving way to more casual, comfortable styles. To help you start planning your DIY projects, check out these five home design trends for 2018.

Vibrant Colors

Muted tones have been the color scheme of choice in recent years, but this year vibrant colors will take center stage. The Pantone color of the year is ultra violet. Think deep purple, like amethyst.

Along with ultra violet, pinks, reds, and greens are making a comeback, but neutral colors will still be the mainstay in home decor. The easiest way to introduce color is through accent pillows or artwork, but if you want to go for a bolder statement, try painting your kitchen cabinets pink or mint green. Or paint an accent wall in a bright, bold color. Lamps and rugs will also brighten your rooms.

Rustic Style

This might be my favorite trend: rustic furniture is back in style. Here is an easy way to change up your furniture with milk paint. A coat or two of milk paint will let you update your wood without heavy sanding.

Head out to an estate sale, flea market, or local swap meet. Look for old wood frames and use them as bathroom mirror frames. You can also hang old doors on the wall and keep them rustic or paint them a bold color. Turned sideways, old doors make great headboards.

Vintage Light Fixtures

Sleek, modern light fixtures are being replaced by vintage styles, including fixtures with dangling beadwork. For a fun weekend project, swap out your light fixtures for shimmering crystal pendant lights.

Metallic Accents

Metallic may be the biggest trend in home décor this year. Try not to overdo it. Instead, add one or two metallic items in a room. Start with a silver framed mirror, or purchase a pair of bronze end tables. Gold candlestick holders will accent your dining room table. Or be bold and try metallic wallpaper.

Minimal Upkeep Furniture

This year, functional furniture is coming back into style. Gone are elegant couches that everyone avoids sitting on. Instead, look for big recliners and soft, cushiony couches. If you plan to swap out your furniture for more comfortable styles, look for a couch and chairs with vinyl, microfiber, or faux suede fabric. These fabrics allow you to easily wipe away spills.

What are your 2018 home decorating plans?