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15 Ways to Have an Old Fashioned Fall

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September 21, 2020

Fall lovers are in their glory! And face it, most of us really do love all fall offers—from the visual beauty to the fun things to do. This year some activities may be limited or closed but there’s no reason we can’t have an old fashioned fall at home with the kids.

There are so many ways to make this season special and memorable for the family. Let’s consider some of these (or all if you so choose!)

  1. Go extra pumpkin crazy. If you normally pick one for each child to carve, why not choose 3 or 4 and let them carve several to bring out their inner artist and creativity. Bonus: you have a great porch display at the end!
  2. Decorate more than usual. Inside and out. Let the kids be involved from start to finish, and so what if it’s messier than normal?
  3. Cook fall foods together each week! Make soups, pumpkin bread and muffins, and all sorts of fall-themed snacks and trail mixes. This makes for a fun day and some delish eating.
  4. Watch every fall movie and Halloween show and read every fall/Halloween book. Marathon weekends are great, especially if it’s raining.
  5. Get outside and have a family fall football game. Even if we aren’t going to football games this year, there’s no reason you can’t play your own. The winning team or player gets an apple cider and doughnuts!
  6. Stuff a scarecrow, or 2 or 3! Gather some old clothing, pumpkin heads, and lots of straw and accessories from the craft stores.
  7. Choose a glorious fall day for a family hike and picnic! Collect leaves, acorns, pinecones, whatever the kids choose and display in a basket or bowl when you get home.
  8. Roast pumpkin seeds after all that carving.
  9. Have outdoor bonfires with marshmallows if you have a fire pit or even in an old wheelbarrow.
  10. If fall festivals are happening near you, don’t miss them! They may be different this year, but whatever it is, will surely be fun and seasonal for the kids.
  11. Go to a corn maze!
  12. Take a fall drive to some scenic areas. Pack a picnic or find a local small diner to have lunch before heading home.
  13. Don’t forget the fall crafts. Pinterest is loaded with ideas that kids of any age can create.
  14. Go apple picking. Then make everything apple from caramel apples, apple crips, apple pie and more.
  15. Have fun in the leaves! Raking up huge piles to jump in was one of my son’s favorite activities for years and years.

This year get creative and do as much as you can this fall to have family fun time! You’ll make amazing fall memories without spending too much money.

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