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15 Little Known Uses For Vinegar

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August 22, 2012

Vinegar happens to be one of the most versatile, economical and useful items you can have on hand. Do you know there is even a website that touts 1001 uses for white vinegar? It’s economical and environmentally-friendly as well. We’ve compiled our top 15 amazing and helpful benefits of vinegar below:

1. Weed killer. One of my personal favorites, since I do not like pouring chemicals on my property, is to pour full strength vinegar on the weeds.  This works especially well on walkways, patios and driveway areas where weeds creep up frequently.

2. Cleaning 101. From outdoor patio furniture, to windows, to birdbaths, to counter tops, to refrigerators and of course bathrooms, vinegar works as the perfect cleaner. Use it full strength on a rag, or watered down in a spray bottle. Safe and simple.

3. Coffee maker stains. Remove deposits from coffee makers by running a cycle with full strength vinegar followed by a water-only cycle or two.

4. Got sweat stains? Vinegar is said to remove perspiration and deodorant stains. Pour full strength or diluted with water on stains before washing in machine. It also acts as a fabric softener and static cling reducer.

5. Tis the season! Bug bites, scrapes , sunburns . all can be soothed by using vinegar on saturated cotton balls and gently rubbing over affected areas or spraying directly on affected skin.

6. Cat got your plant? Spray the leaves with a mix of vinegar and water to prevent that pesky munching. You can also spray vinegar on surfaces and furniture (patch test first) to keep cats off those areas since they don’t like the smell.

7. Pretty eggs. We make hard boiled eggs weekly and sometimes the shells crack when cooking, leaving that alien looking blobby egg . Add a tablespoon of vinegar to the water before boiling to prevent this mess.

8. Healthy feet. Athletes will love this one. Soak your feet in white distilled vinegar to stop athletes foot and kill bacteria.

9. Fresh flowers. Love beautiful fresh cut flowers? Prolong their life by adding 2 tbs vinegar plus 1 tbs sugar to a quart of water for the vase.

10. Keep the ants away. Another creature who doesn’t like vinegar is the ant. Spray vinegar around ant holes, doorways, windows, under appliances and anywhere you think they are entering your home.

11. Shiny hair. After shampooing, give your hair a rinse of vinegar mixed in warm water. It works to brighten brunette hair, remove soap and oil and restore the hair shaft.

12. Marination. You can marinate  your meat, especially tougher cuts, in vinegar to kill bacteria and tenderize the meat. You can even add herbs for flavoring.

13. Elbow grease. Cut grease on dishes by adding a few tablespoons to soapy water when washing. Less arm power needed is always a good thing and a time saver.

14. Swim often? Mix equal parts white vinegar and rubbing alcohol and keep in a small labeled bottle in a safe place. Place a few drops in each ear with a dropper to dry up the water, discourage swimmers ear and kill bacteria.

15. Scour the shower. Make a mix of vinegar and baking soda to make a thick, creamy mixture. You can even add in 1 tablespoon liquid detergent. Scrub down shower walls, tubs and even tile floors in the bathroom. Rinse with water well.

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