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12 Quick Tips to Organize Your Kitchen

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April 17, 2017

If you’re like me, you have one too many lids for your pans, assorted mismatched plastic containers, and drawers that require major shifting just to find a simple can opener. You don’t need to be the labeling, matchy-matchy, organized type to take back control of your kitchen. With these twelve simple steps, you can organize your kitchen in less than a few hours.

1. TOSS anything that’s broken, bent or damaged in any way. This means warped silverware, lids with a broken snap, or a broken measuring cup. Why save it to just take up space?

2. SORT plastic containers so they are easy to grab when you need them. Any without lids can be saved for craft projects for the kids. Consider ditching excess lids.

3. ORGANIZE your pots and pans cabinet. How many do you use on a regular basis? Keep those handy and store the others in a closet, basement or attic.

4. DONATE or SELL anything you have doubles, triples or more of. Do you really need nine spatulas and five sets of measuring cups?

5. OVERHAUL the junk drawer. We all have that drawer, and it’s usually full of some useful things besides the “junk.” Once a year pull it out and give it a quick sorting and tossing.

6. PANTRY clean-out. If you have a well stocked pantry, check the dates on canned goods, rotate and use any that are expiring soon. Sort your shelves simply: canned, boxed, snacks, etc so you can find things fast.

7. WRITING utensils galore. If you have a drawer like me, you’ll wonder where you got those 55 extra pencils and teeny erasers the kids never use. Sorting them into pencil size bins with just enough sharpened pencils makes it easy at homework time.

8. UNDER the sink. It’s time to organize the cleaners or whatever you store underneath. Throw out what you don’t need.

9. CABINET overhaul. Consider using a lazy susan for spices or canned soups. It makes it simple to view all the items you have in stock.

10. HOOKS can be your new friends. Hang them inside pantry doors and cabinets to store your potholders, aprons and towels.

11. BASKETS and pretty bowls make great catchalls for items you use often but want stored in a more attractive manner. They are wonderful and pretty on open shelves too.

12. HANG a bulletin board or whiteboard for easy family notes, schedules and to declutter counters of papers.

Even the most disorganized kitchen can straighten up in a few easy tasks. It doesn’t have to look like a magazine spread, but getting rid of clutter and excess can make it easier for the entire family when cooking or searching for a particular item.

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