October 19, 2018

We all know the importance of a good night’s beauty sleep, but it’s not always easy to sprawl in your bed and instantly fall asleep. A winding down, self-care routine can set you up for a beautiful night’s sleep, both mentally and physically.

Take the time to pamper yourself. Whether you only can sneak in eight minutes or a full hour, do what you can with what you have. After a busy day with kids, at work, at home, out and about, or with your spouse or partner, everyone deserves some quiet me time. If you make it a priority, you can make it a daily routine you’ll look forward to!

First of all, try moving your bedtime up in 15-minute increments. With the earlier darkness, we all feel a little sleepier sooner anyway. Sleep.org says, “you may find that you need an hour or two more than you did in the sunny days of summer to feel bright-eyed.”

Ideas to pamper yourself better beauty sleep this fall:

  • Take a long, relaxing bath. Be sure to use safe products so you are not sitting in a tub of chemicals, dyes, or fake fragrances. Real lavender and other essential oils are great, natural ways to encourage relaxation. Read labels to make sure you have 100% pure, organic essential oils.
  • Pamper your body. Use a lotion or scrub with relaxing scents such as ylang ylang, frankincense, or lavender in your facial and body products. Just the smell alone will encourage relaxation. Nurturing your body with botanical scents is a lovely pampering routine.
  • How are your feet? Tired right? No more sandals or flip flops for most of us. High heels, sneakers, or boots can make our feet hurt! Try a foot soak at night—it is extremely relaxing! Get a mini foot tub, add some essential oil drops and a bit of shower gel or foot soak. You can add a handful of Epsom salt too. Put on earbuds or sit in a quiet candlelit bathroom, or read your favorite book. Take that 10-15 minutes just for you.
  • Use a pillow mist. A few drops on your pillow or a sachet near your pillow will work wonders to scent the air.
  • Limit screen time at night. If you have problems falling asleep or staying asleep, it is worth a try to do what sleep experts say, which is to be off our electronic devices for at least an hour before bed.
  • Download an app that offers calming meditations, body scans, and sleep stories. I like the Calm app, but there are many others, free and paid.
  • Try 10 minutes of a relaxing form of yoga (there are specific poses to do before bed that can help for relaxation).
  • Consider a few moments of meditation in a dark area of your room. Create a sacred space that you can call your own, and go to it when you need those quiet moments.
  • Try deep breathing. We often go through the entire day with shallow breathing. Deep rhythmic breathing helps calm our bodies. Try breathing to the recommended count of 4-7-8. In through your nose for a count of four, hold for seven, out for eight. If that doesn’t work for you, hold for a little less.
  • Take 15 minutes before bed for a creative outlet. If you’ve been taking care of others all day, or at a job with long hours, you’d probably like some time for you. That creative outlet—whether journaling, painting, coloring, knitting or anything else you love—can have profound relaxation and satisfaction we need. It’s an outlet many moms forget, but it is so important for our spirits.
  • Embrace a little hygge before bed. The Danish way of creating and embracing a mood in cold weather, of contentment and wellness. You’ll find it pampers both your mind and body.

With the cooler weather, and the sky darker earlier, take some extra time for you this season. Pamper yourself before bed for a wonderful beauty sleep!