10 Ways to Get Energized Now

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April 14, 2015

We’ve all been there, the mornings where we just can’t get out of bed – no matter how long or well we slept the night before.  Then there is the mid-day slump that feels like we could fit right in as an extra from the Walking Dead.  The worst one is the post-commute home with after-school and work activities looming, dinner to make and no energy to spare.  How can we make it and get energized?  Read on! We have some tried and true strategies to waking up faster, staying refreshed longer and powering through the day.

Make the Morning

  1. Chia seeds power you up with protein to start the day off right. Add some to your cereal, yogurt or granola for a burst of energy.
  2. Stretch it out. Don’t go anywhere until you work through a few minutes of stretching after you wake. It revitalizes your muscles and focuses your brain so you’re ready to handle the day.
  3. Workout. Build your day by adding the energy that comes from a morning workout.

Awesome Afternoon

  1. Go green with a cup of green tea. The antioxidants and caffeine will charge you up while offering a big of hydration too.
  2. Take a walk. Get outside and revitalize your body and senses.
  3. Light lunches are an important part of staying focused and alert in the afternoon. A mix of protein, vegetables and a low dose of carbohydrates without a lot of fat will see you through.
  4. Laughter really is the best medicine. Sharing a laugh with a co-worker or seeing something funny online can perk you up.

Energized Evening

  1. Blast those tunes in your car or on your iPod as you make your way home or right when you walk through the door. A few minutes will have you ready to tackle the twilight hours.
  2. Dealing with the dinner is a big energy zap. Make it easier by having a plan in place before you arrive home.
  3. File away that pile of papers. Give yourself 10-15 minutes to tackle the mail (standing up) and put away loose papers in files. That pile up on your counter can be gone in minutes leaving a feeling of energy fueling satisfaction.
  4. Before you get out of your car or start your evening routine take a moment to meditate. Sixty seconds is all that is needed to calm the mind and invigorate the body. Just sit quietly and be still and focus on your breathing. When your time is up you can better deal with the remains of the day.


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