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10 Styles You Need for Spring

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March 13, 2017

It’s time to start packing away your woolly sweaters and heavy coats—and taking a look at the latest fashions. I’ve compiled a list of the ten trends that are sure to put a spring in your step.

Color Prep

In case you missed it, Pantone released their latest color of the year and it’s “Greenery,” which suggests all things growing and blooming. If green is your thing, wear this shade anywhere and every where. If it’s not, here are some of the hot hues of the season:

  1. Yellow: From vibrant sunshine yellow to mustard—and all shades in between—this saturated shade works on many skin tones. It looks great as a pop of color in an on-trend black and white look, or done up monochromatic style. Pair it with our next spring must-have shade.
  2. Pink: Whether it’s an Easter pastel or darker fuchsia tone, this one looks great on almost everyone, too. Pink adds a touch of sweetness or edge, depending on how you work it.  For more on pink this spring, read “Passionate for Pink” in our style guide.
  3. Metallics: They are back again for another round. This season you will see a lot of metallic shades in shoes—from rose gold metallic loafers to silver and gold strappy heels. Wear them with a pair of cropped pants.

Fabrics, Prints & More

  1. Cropped Denim: In wide-leg or straight, cropped denim is having its time in the sun. Incorporate another list maker—the raw hem—or keep it neat at the ends of your denim. Dress it up or down for work or weekend wear.
  2. Gingham: Gingham rarely fails to make an appearance in springtime, and this year is no different. In stunning black and white, navy, or pink you cannot go wrong. Add this classic pattern to your warm-weather wardrobe.
  3. Ruffles: Yes, the 80’s glam vibe is back. Look for it in good company with gingham, as an addition to your bell sleeves, or on a sleeveless tank.
  4. Vinyl: In red, black or navy, you cannot go wrong with vinyl. Make a statement with vinyl accents on dresses, skirts, bags, or pants.
  5. Raw Hem: This works with the cropped denim above, but it’s also perfect on an old pair of skinny pants that you want to make new.
  6. Cold Shoulder Tops: Back for another spin this year, the cold-shoulder is 2017’s hottest top for spring and summer. Find a basic top or two to incorporate into your wardrobe.
  7. XXXL Bags: Don’t skimp on the accessories—and the XXXL bag trend won’t let you. Great as an accent to a minimalist look, as an everyday bag; it works on weekends, too!

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