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10 Naturally Awesome Deodorants

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August 10, 2017

When I was a little girl I remember my grandmother kept a cloudy-looking crystal in her bathroom cabinet. I thought it must be magical, and it was to her because it kept her naturally odor free every day. There was no aluminum, fragrances, dyes, or any of the other chemicals that can seep into your skin when you use a conventional deodorant. Chemicals smell bad, too—but these ten deodorants do not! Find the best one for you before summer is over.

Get ‘Em While It’s Hot

We combed through the internet and drugstore shelves to find the best natural deodorants that really work even in the heat of a sweltering summer. In no particular order:

  1. LuLu Organics Deodorant Cream ($14) comes in a little pot to hold the cream and has the same great scent as their fabulous dry hair shampoo. If using your fingertips to apply deodorant works for you, then this pick is it.
  2. Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant ($10) comes in a classic stick form and is formulated with baking soda and arrowroot. It can be found in fragrance-free form, and in luscious lime and flowery scents, too. There’s something for everyone.
  3. Meow Meow Tweet Stick ($20) is grapefruit-scented and baking soda-free. It’s perfect for those with sensitive armpits who must go the natural route for underarm freshness, but cannot handle baking soda. Plants and minerals create the base that leaves skin protected all day long.
  4. Captain Blankenship Cream ($16)  is 100 percent natural, and its organic lime and vetiver scents smell divine. Made from non-GMO organic coconut oil, shea butter, and baking soda, this cream paste softens up for easy application and the lemongrass essential oil fights odors.
  5. Soapwalla Organic Deodorant Cream ($19) is in paste form and sold on Amazon. It’s loaded with odor-fighting properties like vegetable powders, clays, and essential oils in peppermint, lavender, and tea tree that help absorb wetness.
  6. Lavnila The Healthy Deodorant ($8) in Lavender Vanilla is a great introduction to deodorant for tweens, and it’s green, gentle, and budget-friendly. Did I mention that it can be found at Walmart?  Formulated with corn starch and essential oils, it lasts all day long.
  7. Nourish Fresh & Natural Organic Deodorant Stick ($10) with a coconut-oil base softens skin while keeping armpits dry with corn starch. Yeast is an active ingredient that prevents odor and carriers a heavier scent than other natural sticks.
  8. Hauschka Deodorant ($24) is the one roll-on in the bunch. With its delightful rose scent, it produces a clean freshness that lasts for hours due to its essential oils.
  9. Malin + Goetz Eucalyptus Deodorant ($22) goes on easy, lasts all day even during a workout, and won’t stain your clothes. One word: Amazing.
  10. PitROCK Crystal Natural Deodorant Stick ($10) is like my grandmother’s faithful deodorant from years past. Apply it to clean, wet skin and you will be good to go all day long—even after a sweat session.

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