10 Hacks for a Cleaner, Safer and More Organized Garage

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October 27, 2014

Garages are the perfect place to store those items that don’t always need to be within reach – but they have a bad habit of becoming easily cluttered and unkempt.  There’s no better time than now – before winter sets in – to clean and organize your garage. Here are ten hacks for a cleaner, safer and more organized garage.

  1. Declutter. Remove everything from your garage and sweep the floor thoroughly. Grab a trash bag and toss anything that hasn’t been used for the past year. Set aside a rubber storage container to use as a donation bin and make a vow to bring the donations to your local Salvation Army within the next two days. When it comes to garage storage, keep a minimalist attitude: less is more.
  2. Get rid of grease spots. Sprinkle cornmeal and baking soda on a grease or oil spot, sweep off, and repeat until the spot is gone. If the stain remains, move on to step 3.
  3. Paint your garage floor with epoxy paint. Painting your garage floor will help keep it free of cleaner and neater in the long run. Before you pain, sweep and clean the floor thoroughly and repair any cracks with concrete/mortar-repair compound.
  4. Paint your parking stripes. Paint some brightly colored stripes to help you better park the car at the center of the garage.
  5. Protect your car and rear garage wall. Hang an old tire at the level of your car bumper to protect both your car and your garage wall from bad parking jobs.
  6. Install a peg board to hang small tools. Attach a peg board to the side or back wall, add hooks and hang your tools. Even better, trace the shape of each tool on the peg board so you know what belongs where.
  7. Create a parking lot for the kids. If your kids are always leaving their bikes, skateboards and scooters in your parking zone, use color-coded paint to create their own in-garage “parking lot”.
  8. Take advantage of the vertical space. Add storage shelves to the top half of your garage to store seasonal items to free up space and eliminate clutter. Your best bet is to install adjustable shelving, so you can store a wide variety of items over the years.
  9. Store bicycles up and away for the winter. Add heavy-duty hooks to hang bicycles, keeping them up and out-of-the-way during the winter months.
  10. Inspect the garage door for safety’s sake. Garage door accidents can cause severe injury and even death. Every year, examine the springs, cables, rollers and pulleys for signs of wear and tear. If anything appears worn, call in a trained door repairman to make adjustments.

Do you have any suggestions for keeping your garage cleaner and more organized?

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