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10 Black-Owned Beauty Brands to Discover and Buy Today

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June 8, 2020

It is time to really put your money where your mouth is and feel a connection to your community and the world around you. Whether that means buying local, not going the Amazon route all the time, or deciding to educate yourself on black-owned businesses. If you’re looking to support the black community today, you can do it in a simple way … with your wallet. I am obsessed with beauty products. I love to find new items to test, and brands I can share with others I compiled a list (in no particular order) of black-owned beauty brands to discover, support, and help you economically protest. Every little bit counts. #BuyBlack

Designed for all your skincare, haircare and makeup needs and desires these companies are black-owned and creating outstanding products for all our beauty needs.

  1. Tinted lip balm is a beauty staple that many of us love. I keep at least one shade in my bag and one on my desk! In the summer it is all I use unless I am going out somewhere special. Undefined Beauty Glow Balm ($26) hydrates with shea butter, jojoba and coconut oil, and full-spectrum CBD. Chapped lips are replenished and beautiful in any of the various colors. Rose, copper, and fuchsia are must-have tints for daily wear.
  2. Vitamin C serum is having a moment. Make your next hyperpigmentation-fighting bottle be Hyper Skin ($36) from Hyper Clear, created by Desiree Verdejo. This clean vitamin C serum also contains turmeric, bearberry, vitamin E, and kojic acid to brighten skin, treat acne marks, help dark spots, and reduce those breakouts. 
  3. At the end of the day, we all need to remove our makeup. That’s where Lauren Napier comes in with her FLAUNT reusable wipes ($11) in their resealable packages. This company is pro-aging and the wipes remove makeup and impurities fast while tackling adult acne, dark spots, and dry skin. Guava and Vitamin K stimulate collagen production which helps with those annoying dark circles, spider veins, uneven skin tone, and even rosacea. Finish off the day with FLAUNT!
  4. Ditch the chemicals and let your hair rejoice with Loving Culture’s Revitalizing Organic Hair Oil. Made with love by Mary-Andree Ardouin-Guerrier, this hair oil is blended with a mix of fair trade argan oil, castor, oil, and olive oil that stimulate the scalp with cayenne pepper extract and eucalyptus oil. It is vegan, fragrance-free, and safe for all hair types.
  5. Mask fashion is a real thing. The world is breaking.  Vegan clean-beauty brand Beneath Your Mask by Dana Jackson is here to calm and nourish your skin that right now feels at its wit’s end. The all-purpose cream ($28) keeps skin moisturized even with all the hand washing we are doing right now.
  6. Raise your hand if you hate your razor. Samesies!  Invest in this pretty single-blade razor that says so long to disposables and razor burn too.  Oui the People Rose Gold Sensitive Skin Razor ($75) is designed for women by a woman. 
  7. Missing your manicure is its own hashtag right now. For those of us who love a good gel manicure Pear Nova ($18.50) is here for you and your tips. Ten gorgeous shades are yours with this vegan gel lacquer that lasts up to three weeks. 
  8. Makeup might be taking a break during all this quarantine life, but highlighter is not. Illuminate your skin with Nine Three Beauty. Fun and filled with a variety of colored highlighter products you will love this Instagram worthy collection.
  9. Moisturizing your skin should be at the top of your beauty regime. If it’s not then Tatiana Price’s skinBUTTR might be the brand that puts this in motion. Handmade and chemical-free the body butters and face masks smell divine and transform your skin. No more stretch marks, cellulite, or acne scars for you and me.
  10. KAIKE by Keli Smith is a plant-based skincare and beauty line that includes handcrafted gems like Lip Frosting, a best-selling lip balm and Marshmallow Mask & Scrub that helps exfoliate and cleanse skin. Who doesn’t love KAIKE? Get some today!

What are black-owned beauty brands that you buy from? Share in the comments below.

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