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New Look for YouTube Channels

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April 9, 2012

To provide their users with an easier way to find and connect with the content they love, YouTube launched a redesigned homepage and updated channel layouts in December 2011.  These changes were well-received by the majority of users evidenced by a 60 percent increase in daily unique visits to channels, and a 50 percent increase in daily net subscriptions since December 2011.

Now, on the heels of recently announced changes to Facebook Pages, YouTube announced some additional updates.  You may have noticed some differences when logging into your YouTube channel.  The new look for YouTube channels include four new channel templates to choose from, each customized to fit the needs of different types of creators.  The four new templates include:

  • Creator Template – A featured video from a playlist with a group of featured playlists.
  • Blogger Template – A reverse chronological vlogroll of a featured playlist or your recent activity.
  • Network Template – A featured video from a playlist with a group of featured channels.
  • Everything Template – A featured video from a playlist with a group of featured playlists and channels.

The updates include ways to keep users more engaged with their favorite channels. You can now keep track of playlists and videos you’ve Liked across YouTube, as well as view all of the videos uploaded to your channel. The Channel Feed has been updated to clearly identify what you’ll get if you subscribe.  Now, when you subscribe to a channel, the feed will show on your homepage, allowing you to keep current on all of the activity from your favorite channels.

An updated YouTube Player now includes thumbnails which allow you to see an image preview, scan through thumbnails, and even zoom in on long videos.  This feature, which is being rolled out over the next few weeks, makes it easier to find what you need in long videos.

Other updates made as a result of user feedback include:

  • Making Favorites more accessible by adding it as a customizable part of channels.
  • Improving the Featured tab (which allows users to feature their content more prominently) by adding search capabilities and more templates.
  • Adding the option to link +Pages or Google+ Profiles to your channel.

For more information on the changes and for tips on enhancing your YouTube Channel, you can visit YouTube’s blog.

For those who use YouTube, how have these changes impacted you?

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