Was Mila Kunis’ Epidural Comment Bad?

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May 12, 2014

In case you didn’t know, Mila Kunis, is expecting a baby with her former That 70s Show co-star, Ashton Kutcher and, from the looks of it, she’s pretty far along.  Now that his divorce from Demi Moore is final, the pair are now engaged and are due to become parents sometime this year (they won’t share an exact date, of course!).

Now that Kunis is showing, she has started speaking openly about her pregnancy, as she did on a recent appearance on Ellen. She mused about how long they were able to keep everything a secret and she laughed about her pregnancy cravings (Ellen even had her staff bring out some sauerkraut and pickles!) but then the conversation turned to the actress’ birth plan and, while many simply laughed, others were offended.

Kunis explained that she and Kutcher have been watching documentaries about childbirth and want to have as natural an experience as possible. While she will have her baby in a hospital, she verified that the medical facility actually supported the use of midwives and doulas. Nothing controversial, just a woman talking about her decision-making process.

Ellen was more direct and asked Kunis if she’d be having an epidural. The actress said that she would be avoiding the anesthetic, mused at how “crazy” that was and added: “I did this to myself, I might as well just do it right. I wanted this!”  Of course, this comment has caused a bit of an uproar and it’s hard to know whether that is fair or justified.

Not long after the episode aired, author, Kelly Oxford, sent the following tweet to her 573,000 followers: “SAD NEWS: Looks like some women have a baby wrong.” In no time, many, including Girls actress, Lena Dunham, had either favorited or retweeted the message.  It could be argued that this amounts to ganging up on the expectant mother since she is entitled to her own opinion and an increasing number of studies support the argument against medical intervention during childbirth. As a first-time mother, she is not relying on experience but, rather, the information that is currently available to her.

Now, it seems, there are women out there who feel like her comment was judgmental. Others think she was simply commenting on what choice is right for her. There are also some who believe she was just being silly and didn’t mean anything by it.

Do you feel personally offended or judged by Mila Kunis’ comment?

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