Was Coverage of Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney’s Wedding Sexist?

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October 2, 2014

After years on the most eligible bachelor list, George Clooney got married last month and, of course, it was big news.  It seemed like every other headline was about the wedding and contained phrases like “Meet the New Mrs. Clooney” or “All the Details from George Clooney’s Big Day” or “Clooney’s Bride Wears Beautiful Dress.”  Sure, he’s a Hollywood household name but many have taken issue with the fact that this trend almost dehumanizes his new wife and fails to recognize that she has accomplished more than snagging a famous husband.

Amal Alamuddin was born in Lebanon and is currently based out of London where she specializes in international law, human rights, criminal law and extradition. Her resume is incredibly impressive having represented Julian Assange (WikiLeaks founder), the Royal Court of Bahrain and is part of a legal team working for the government of Cambodia in their territorial dispute with Thailand.

Of course, any good international and human rights attorney must also be a world traveler. She’s lived in several places including the UK, Lebanon and the United States (she graduated from the New York University School of Law) and makes regular trips across the globe and even took Clooney on a safari in Tanzania earlier this year. She’s also fluent in both Arabic and French in addition to English.

In addition to her personal achievements, Amal Alamuddin happens to be really beautiful. On a blog called “Your Barrister Boyfriend,” which names the 21 most attractive female barristers in London, one blogger wrote:”Amal Alamuddin may make some feel inadequate because she has achieved the seemingly unattainable ideal of contemporary femininity: She is both breathtakingly beautiful and formidably successful.”

That sums up what a catch this formidable woman truly is and would explain why, after only beginning to date in October 2013, the pair were engaged by April 2014 and then married last month. Mr. Clooney knows a good woman when he sees one!

For all of these reasons, some people have cried foul over the fact that a woman who has made such a difference in the world has been relegated to the role of arm candy for a famous actor. Wouldn’t it be equally fair to write an article titled “Acclaimed Human Rights Attorney Marries Actor?”

To her credit, Amal Alamuddin seems to be taking everything in stride as she embraces her new married life. She and George Clooney were married in a romantic Venetian ceremony on September 27, 2014.

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